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Dec 28, 2012 10:06 AM

Turducken from Klosters

Anyone ever order or have tried the turducken from Kloster's Butcher Shop in Newmarket? Thinking of ordering from them... they're cheaper and offer a bigger product than the places I've researched in the GTA. Any other suggestions?

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  1. How much is it at klosters? And is there stuffing or sausage in between the layers? Ive only tried the rendition at pusateri's which i enjoyed, sorry I couldn't be of any help.

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      The butcher quoted me $175 for the whole turducken (about 20lbs in total). I think he told me it was with stuffing. I actually found another butcher to go within the GTA. It's a butcher shop called Medium Rare. Got rave reviews online. He's charging me $220 for approx 20lbs and he will pre-cook it for me - only need to reheat the turducken on low for about 2 hours prior. Saves me 6-8 hours of cooking time!

    2. Last year I saw in Louisiana retail 15-lb. fresh Turduckens sold for about $60, but that's in the land of desperately low wages and low poultry prices. Labour cost is the major expense in making it.

      Longo's and Fiesta Farms used to sell a frozen Canadianized-Turducken (no andouille sausage and a no-pork chicken and an apple stuffing option) made in Calgary by Echelon Foods at what I thought was a fair price at the time. They still may sell them for the holiday season.

      If you cook one yourself it's best with a low 'n slow technique at smoker-temperature, about 220F and use a rack. Also, be sure to have a plan on how to get it out of your cooking/transport pan in one piece as without any bone structure for support a cooked Turducken easily falls apart.

      Unless you have a steam-assist oven, reheating the whole rig will be a challenge to prevent overcooking the turkey breast meat while still heating the centre. I'd cut it in half lengthwise to reheat it. It's the easiest way to carve one too.

      1. My brother cooked a turducken from them 2 years ago-it was frozen when he got it. I think he said close to $200 but it was fantastic. He cooked it just like a turkey, basting often. Lots of meat and all very very tasty. Sorry I don't remember more, just that it was very tasty and was from Klosters (our fave butcher here)