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Dec 28, 2012 09:53 AM

Maggie McFlys - Glastonbury

Well I had my second trip to the new Maggie McFlys and thought it was good. My first trip was for lunch a couple of weeks ago when it first opened and the food was very good. My cowork had the salmon and he said it was excellent. I had a chicken dish which was also very good.

Last night I went back with the family. There was a half hour wait for a table. The kids had burgers which they liked. Dw had had the French onion soup which she thought was watery and did not have much cheese mon top. She also had the pot stickers which she said was okay. I had ribs which were good but they covered them with extra sauce so they were very messy. They could have left the sauce off and they would have been better since they were cooked with sauce already and they served more on the side.

As for the atmosphere, the place was very loud last night. The music was blasting so everyone in the place had to talk loud and being one large room made it even louder. It was a bit much for us. DW wants to go back to try the salads but the kids like 99 better since it is quieter.

Anybody else been there and what are your thoughts?

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  1. I will be honest, I have been hesitant to try it out. I have eaten at a different Maggie's location a while ago and don't remember the meal, for better or worse. I almost went last week but looking at the large menu, I was admittedly scared off (ended up at the Burger Co. instead!). Most places like this have a huge menu and don't execute any of the meals well. I would much rather see a smaller menu that can be pulled off successfully rather than 10 pages of mediocre stuff.

    Thanks for your report, Jay. I think I will convince a couple coworkers to check it out with me next week and I will report back.

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      I saw the G'bury McFly's crew make scallops with fresh herbs and goat cheese on NBC this morning. It piqued my interest for sure. Anyone tried it? Or been lately and have recommendations? Lots of their lunch offerings look great, too.

    2. The place is always jammed when I drive by...The outdoor fire wall is popular with the marlboro crowd

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        Their turkey sandwich was a bummer. "Ooh, stuffing and gravy!" Yeah, well, absolutely flavorless, both. The turkey was good. Maybe there are better options, but GEEZ, how tough is it to make gravy and decent stuffing? Even Stove Top would have been better.

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          I kinda like the stovetop (hangs head)

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            At least Stove Top TASTES like something. It would be a step up for them!