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Blue Cheese Appetizers.....

I'm looking for some ideas for an appetizer using blue cheese. (Not just served with fruit/crackers. No cheese crackers either. Any suggestions?

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  1. I always enjoy blue cheese stuffed endive. I usually blend some blue cheese with cream cheese, crumbled bacon and some chopped chives. You can sprinkle your favorite crushed nuts on top.

    A crostini with caramelized onions or leeks and crumbled blue cheese is really nice.

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      love the endive/blue cheese combination. A small piece of serrano ham on top is good too.

    2. Blue cheese stuffed dates are quite good.

      These are addictive. I serve them every year on New Years Eve.

      Top puff pastry with blue cheese and fig jam and bake.

      Blend with cream cheese and toasted walnuts and serve with slices of pear.

      Bacon Blue cheese dip is decadent.

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        I'll definately be trying the bacon blue cheese dip recipe. Sounds delicious! Do certain blues heat better than others?

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          Good question! Whenever I make the dip I just grab whatever hunk is available at my local Stop and Shop. Maybe I shouldnt say it but this dip goes so fast I go for quantity over quality.

          And if you want to go over the top at your next football party serve it with fresh thick cut french fries for dipping!

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            Wanted to report back that I made the dip for New Years and it was delicious!!! Disappeared quickly. Thanks!!!

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              So glad!! It's a keeper. Happy New Year!

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            Do certain blues heat better than others?
            Soft & semi-soft heat/melt a little more smoothly than semi-hard. Try Cabrales, Gorgonzola Dolce, Cambozola, Castello or Saga. The flavors vary from mild to pretty pungent, so that's a consideration based on personal taste.

        2. Blue cheese and walnut tartlets are delicious. So is an old-fashioned cheese ball made with gorgonzola, cream cheese, toasted walnuts and a little tabasco.

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            What is the ratio of blue cheese to cream cheese? I have extra puff pastry in the freezer. Sounds perfect for tartlets. Also, what type of blue do you use?

          2. You can stuff mushrooms with bleu cheese, sundried tomatoes, pignolia and I don't remember what else.

            1. Grilled Stuffed Figs wrapped with Prosciutto

              Stuffed Olives....especially for Martinis

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                That's one of my favorites, figs and proscuitto with bleu cheese, I only forgot because I like to do it on the grill in summer. But it's not bad in the oven either. Great recommendation!

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                  i make and LOVE these, but with bacon. i think it's criminal to cook good prosciutto.

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                    I don't burn the prosciutto, just crisp around the edges, the cheese melts awfully fast; I wouldn't like with bacon despite the current popularity of such. Too much flavor overwhelming the poor little fig!

                    Sometimes when I feel poor, I make the figs without any meat, just the cheese inside and drizzled with balsamic vinegar etc when done, that's not bad either.

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                      didn't suggest you were burning anything. :) but at $20+ pp i simply can't bear putting the stuff in the oven. very thinly sliced ham also works well, and i sometimes will stuff an almond and bleu cheese inside the fig.

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                        I don't buy good proscuitto that often, a few times a year; but wrapping figs and lightly grilling is one of my top uses when I do. Probably because my husband will actually eat figs then, otherwise he won't touch them with a 10 foot pole! I usually use gorgonzola dolce, another not inexpensive item, luckily he doesn't like nuts all that much because almonds (or pignolia?) sounds good, then it would really be it would be a really crazy food cost per fig.

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                      Me too!!! Once heated, proscuitto's flavor has changed...and not for the better. Never understood the prosciutto wrapped asparagus recipes you see everywhere. I grill the asparagus first...then wrap it, after the asparagus is grilled. The proscuitto keeps its "original" flavor.

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                        i cook the asparagus and then wrap it, and serve it room temp.

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                          I think for me, it's more of a texture thing. I do love regular plain proscuitto, but we have it enough that I don't mind mixing it up.

                          And yes, asparagus too, a springtime favorite. It's a good way to get my husband to eat his veggies, although his doctor was horrified at the lengths I go to!

                  2. Thinly sliced beef fillet mignon cooked med-rare on grilled bruchetta topped with crumbled blue cheese slightly melted under the broiler.

                    1. We love bleu cheese (or gorgonzola) topping a loaf of garlic bread and broiled til melting. Could serve with antipasto.

                      1. Mushroom caps stuffed with blue cheese, crab meat, and bacon, popped under the broiler until just brown. Mmm....

                          1. blue cheese-stuffed olives are always a surefire hit. People stop just short of wrestling for them.

                            1. Roquefort balls:

                              8 oz. Roquefort
                              8 oz. good quality unsalted butter
                              crushed walnuts or pecans
                              ground pepper to taste (optional)

                              Bring the butter to room temperature. Mash/knead the Roquefort, the butter, and, if using, the pepper together. Form into 1 inch balls. Roll balls in the crushed nuts.

                              Another idea would be to make a Gorgonzola risotto and serve it in small portions. Start with a traditional risotto, and, when cooked, add the cheese at the end and mix it in. I prefer Gorgonzola Dolce for this risotto, rather than the stronger Gorgonzola Piccante. It doesn't overwhelm the dish and makes a creamier risotto.

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                                I took your suggestion and made risotto with Gorgonzola for dinner last night. It was delicious. Everyone loved it! Gorgonzola Dolce is one of my new favorite blues and its creamy texture is perfect for a risotto. I've yet to try Gorgonzolla Piccante, but will add it to my list....the stronger the better. Thanks.

                              2. Bleu Balls

                                Make 1/2 inch balls of blue cheese with as little butter as possible.

                                Chill in coldest part of fridge for at least 4 hours.

                                Surround each ball with seasoned ground beef about 1/4 inch thick.

                                Coat in beaten egg and cover with seasoned bread crumbs.

                                Place on baking sheet and place in 400 degree oven until beef is cooked but cheese has yet to ooze out.

                                Deep frying is faster, but the batches are smaller.

                                After the first half dozen, your speed and consistency will greatly increase and the failure rate of the finished product will decline. You can also freeze them prior to cooking, just leave adequate time for the beef and some of the cheese to thaw.

                                Sorry for the lack of measured ingredients, but as the size and thickness is variable, I just keep on making them until I run out of either beef or cheese.

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                                  Bleu Balls.... place in 400 degree oven until beef is cooked but cheese has yet to ooze out....


                                  Sorry....It's snowing outside...and I could not help myself...I have way too much time on my hands...

                                  1. re: fourunder

                                    At least you didn't snort coffee through your nose as one reader did on another post.

                                    It is so nice when one's efforts are recognised.

                                    This reply is to forunder.

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                                      It's nice to see a sense of humor....often missing on this site.

                                      Happy New Year to you and yours....

                                2. Here's a quick & easy favorite that always disappears quickly when I serve it:

                                  BACARDI1 ROQUEFORT GRAPES

                                  Approx. 1 lb large, seedless red grapes (about 50 or so), washed & dried well
                                  1 pound pecan pieces, lightly crushed
                                  Approx. ΒΌ to 1/3 pound Roquefort cheese (Gorgonzola works well too)
                                  8 oz. cream cheese, softened
                                  2 tablespoons heavy cream

                                  Combine the Roquefort, cream cheese, & heavy cream in a bowl & mix well. Roll the grapes in the cheese mixture, & then in thecrushed pecans, coating well. Chill on a wax-paper-lined sheet pan, lightly covered, until serving time.

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                                    also lovely with seedless green grapes and crushed pistachios

                                  2. We like blue cheese mixed well (equal parts) with butter, spread on baguette bread, topped with radish slices.

                                    1. Blue Cheese Gougeres would be a great idea. I believe Martha Stewart has a recipe for them you could use. Gougeres are really easy and you can choose to make them large or small if your goal is to more towards cocktail bites. Every time I've served them they go like hotcakes. Good luck!

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                                        Great idea! I've made gougeres before, just never thought of using blue cheese.

                                      2. Back in college a chef friend would make this blue cheese app. First he'd candy walnut pieces. Then roll blue cheese into balls and stuff each w/ a walnut piece. After that each stuffed blue cheese ball was rolled and coated in fresh crack black pepper. Finally each stuffed, black pepper coated blue cheese ball is rolled and coated in freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Pretty too. Glasses of sauternes.

                                        1. Whole, pitted dates stuffed with blue and wrapped in bacon baked off in a 325 oven for 15 mins. were gone in 10 seconds this weekend. 3 ingredient dishes seem to always go over the best. Sum of its parts deliciousness.

                                          1. Have LOVED blue cheese since a KID... when BC dressing was EXTRA when ya ate out... Dad got it, we got French!?! From first taste, KNEW it would be a favorite.

                                            Ina G has a recipe for a blue cheese cracker. Dough formed into log, rolled in ground nuts, sliced and baked. Would rather have a few of those than homemade cookies!

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                                              I love good cheese crackers too!!

                                              But the OP stated "no cheese crackers", so alas. . . .

                                            2. From right here on chow, Buffalo Jalapeno Poppers:

                                              To prep the jalapeno's, I recommend dbockling's "flash pickling" idea:

                                              1. I forgot, one of my most popular "fancy" appetizers is artichoke hearts wrapped in proscuitto and baked in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. So easy to make, but you don't have to tell anyone that!

                                                1. Another variation on the cheese/sweet theme is blue cheese and honey: drizzle honey on baguette slices, sprinkle crumbled blue cheese on top, then put under broiler or in toaster oven for a bit.