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Dec 28, 2012 09:33 AM


Mom lives in Manhattan Beach and wants to go to Alfredo's Mexican Restaurant on PCH in Lomita. I suspect that she got a coupon in the mail. Can't find anything about this place on CH, anyone been there? The photos on the 'other site' are not enticing me to go! Need some help here!
Mom liked Yxta and La Casita and we plan on trying Mercado in SM soon. Any other places that we should try? Good food is the priority but mom does like a good drink so extra points for good cocktails. TIA!

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  1. I liked the food I had at both Ortega 120 and Coyote Cantina. Not the very best, but good. I have heard about (but not experienced) some service related issues at Ortega 120 of late.

    1. We like Teresa's Mosaic in El Segundo.

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          +2. Great chile colorado (it looks intimidating, but it's warm, not hot), really fresh beans & rice.

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            It's their Lomo Adobacdo (marinated pork loin) that I really like. Served as a plate, tacos or burrito. They are very busy at lunch time and on the quiet side at dinner.

      1. Alfredo's = ick. It probably was coupon related since I saw them advertise recently.

        Ortega 120 is okay. I do like the short rib mole enchiladas. The service is nonexistent. The last time I stepped foot in the door, there was no host/hostess...waited 10 minutes, and when seated, nobody came to take my order or ask if I wanted a drink... so I got up and left. It was weekend lunch/brunch time and this visit was in the past 2 months. I never found their service good though.

        I like Riviera Mexican in the Redondo Village.... decent margaritas... food is standard cal-mex.... usually quite busy.