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Any suggestions for a non-steak house that serves a good steak?

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What can I say? some of my guests like the meat and some don't. Some place on the subway line would be helpful. TIA for the tips.

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  1. I really enjoyed the steak at Rhino a couple of weeks ago. weird.

    That's along the Queen streetcar line.

    1. You might want to consider Globe Earth on Yonge. That's on the subway line and they have a nice ribeye and a couple other cuts IIRC.

      If you're willing to venture off the subway line like both Bestellen and The Saint have great beef options.

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          Any good resto will invariably have a reliably-executed steak or two on its menu. By the same token, any good steak house will always have a number of non-steak mains on its menu. In my end of town, for example (near the York Mills subway stop), there's the Miller Tavern, a posh but somewhat overpriced spot of no particular culinary distinction, which probably does steak better than anything else, with about a half dozen or so on the menu (most of them, surprisingly, decently priced). And further south from York Mills along Yonge St., there's Wildfire Steakhouse, which, besides the obligatory good steaks, does a number of good non-steak items, my favourite being its piri-piri chicken. But I'm sure you can find similar situations at many of the subway stops along the line.

        2. Jump and Biff's would be good choices. Both at King Subway station.

          1. I have heard the beef striploin at Victor Restaurant is to die for. When we ate there we had the Toronto tasting menu (it was excellent, here are some pics: http://bit.ly/MGm3BN) but when I return I want to order off the dinner menu and I want to order this: PAN ROASTED BEEF STRIPLOIN with fries, tarragon aioli and“house of parliament” jus. David Chrystian (the Top Chef Canada chef) is so talented and creative. Everything the servers were carrying around looked amazing!


            1. Nota Bene!
              David Lee's special 'dry aged' private stock includes Bone in Rib Steak, Strip Loin from Cumbrae or Grass Fed Tenderloin..etc

              1. Pastis and Bistro Camino are both walking distance from the subway and serve an excellent steak along with many other good choices. I think Camino is usually closed for the month of January, though, so best to call in advance.



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                  So Pastis is still good?!! Great to hear! Haven't been back for almost a year!
                  Time for another round of 'livers'. Foie Gras and Calf. Add to that, the fish soup and end with the profitoros?! Yummm!!

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                    I don't think you've been to Bistro Camino yet, Charles. If you're down that way, that's what you should try. I'm happy to report that the Open sign was lit up when I went by last night.

                2. Buca does a fantastic Florentine style steak, highly recommended.

                  1. Splendido has two incredible servings of steak (including accoutrements) - the rib cap (included in the $60 prix fixe) or the ribeye for two ($75). They're aged 80 days, and either will probably be one of the best pieces of steak you'll ever have .

                    BestEllen also serves an amazing cote de beouf ($100) with 2 large servings of bone marrow, aged 40 days. It's well cooked, well seasoned, and amazing all around. Best shared with two or three.

                    These are probably the two best servings of steak in the city at the moment - but unfortunately, neither of these are really on the subway line. Street car accessible, yes, not specifically on the subway line, but definitely worth the extra effort.

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                      Has anyone compared Splendido's ribeye to Jacobs' ribeyes (the USDA Prime Black Angus-Nebraska ribeye and/or the Hereford-High River Cdn Prime ribeye)?

                      justxpete, have you eaten much steak outside TO? While I would expect Splendido's ribeye should be in the top 5 ribeyes in Toronto (alongside Barberian's, Jacobs, possibly House of Chan, maybe Harbour 60, maybe Michael's), I'm not sure I'd think that Splendido's ribeye would probably be one of best pieces of steak I'll ever have.

                      Not trying to yank your Chowhound chain, but I remember you mentioning in a thread last year that you order steak frequently at Splendido. Would you rank all the steaks you've eaten at Splendido as among the best you've ever had, even if you've ordered steak at Splendido a few dozen times over the last couple years? ;-)

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                        I'm not sure Prima - have you had the steak at Splendido?

                        My SO and I are regulars at J&Co as well, and we only order the ribeye(s). Splendido wins handily, imo - but it being significantly rich, I now only enjoy it periodically.

                        And yes, it's consistently one of the best steaks I've ever had, through extensive travelling. It's a type of steak though, and it's fairly rich, so if you haven't had it, perhaps you should. ;-)

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                          I haven't ordered the ribeye at Splendido or Jacobs. That's why I asked. It'll be interesting to see what other people, who have ordered ribeyes at both Splendido and Jacobs have to say.

                          I'd probably choose Jacobs for ribeye over Splendido if I had to choose, but I've probably got pro-Jacobs bias.

                          Sure, I'm willing to try the ribeye at Splendido a try, once of these days. I'll let you know which I like better, once I've tried both.

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                            Although Jacobs & co. is my favourite steakhouse in TO, the aformentioned are my two favourite servings of steak in the city (and for the former, maybe anywhere). They're both supplied by Cumbrae's (although BestEllen has another provider which they serve as well), and I think I recall that the Splendido steak is Wagyu (although it's not stated as such).

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                              I don't eat red meat as much as I'd like but when I do I almost always go for a ribeye. I've had both the Splendido ribeye and the Jacobs'. While I prefer the overall menu better at Splendido, I prefer Jacobs ribeye.

                              I also realized that if I asked nicely Cumbreas will age my the same ribeye they sell to Splendido and I believe Jacobs for 60 plus days. This takes some serious pre-planning but for someone like me that really loves a great aged steak and doesn't have one often it is such a great treat it is always worth while!

                              That and I get double the product for a little less than what one pays at Splendido but I have to clean the castiron after so it is a tradeoff!

                              If you want to try some different beef, I would suggest you give the Saint a whirl. They are part of some sort of a beef coop/farm program from PEI.

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                                Cowbell is another option, for those looking for local, grass-fed steak. Cut varies, depending on what's available.The butchering is done in house.