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Dec 28, 2012 09:16 AM

Kid/baby-friendly + Saturday evening for group of 9

SF hound here, visiting Manhattan for a few days with the family. I've seen some great suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants but am wondering specifically about Saturday evening (earlier side -- 5:30ish) for a group of five adults, an extremely mellow baby, a toddler and a 5- and an 8-year-old. I'm assuming Saturdays are busier and perhaps less kid-friendly than other evenings.

Looking for someone with entrees in the $12-$25 range, preferred locations Flatiron, Chelsea or Midtown but happy to fudge those a little. No Chinese for various fussiness reasons, no Indian unless it's stellar (and meets the kid-friendly criteria of course). If Thai is good in NYC, that would be great, although as I grew in in Australia it would have to be pretty awesome :)

The boys are well-behaved but not inclined to sit perfectly still for a long time (i.e., much more than an hour), so somewhere that takes reservations and is timely would be perfect. We'd be done by 7 at the latest. (And of course we always whisk any antsy kids out for a walk around the block if necessary.)

We (SF adults) don't get out as much as we used to so would love to go somewhere that's unlikely to have anything like a match in the Bay Area. This all feels like I'm asking too much, but I'm hopeful all the same!


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  1. How about a BBQ place? They tend to be good for groups and relatively budget friendly. Blue Smoke in particular is family friendly and has a pretty broad menu in case you have non-meat eaters in the group. Located on 27th and Park.

    Here's a thread on the restaurant as well as some other BBQ places in the city.

    1. Do your children require a childrens menu?

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        Thanks -- no. We can usually find something to keep them both happy most places, even if it's a simple appetizer.

        1. re: bgbc

          I would recommend Grammercy Tavern.

            1. re: rrems

              I know it doesn't seep like it at first but when I went I saw a lot of kids, and if you go you'll see the atmosphere is more relaxed than at similar establishments, the food is great, and I think everyone will have a good time.

            2. re: lovethosebites

              The biggest table in the GT formal room only seats eight, could be too small. And too expensive. I've seen 10+ year old kids there but never as young as the OP's. I think the atmosphere is too calm/sedate for kids of that age. Unless you mean the Tavern Room which doesn't take reservations?

              1. re: kathryn

                The tavern room doesn't. Yes that is what I meant, but I have seen younger children even in the dinning room.

              2. re: lovethosebites

                GT is our favourite restaurant in NYC. We went with our one-year old (front room) two years ago and the service was stellar. They do not take reservations, but around 5:30 p.m. shouldn't be a problem. I would suggest you to call ahead and check with them.

            1. re: rose water

              Another vote for Otto. Great place for a large family group. Good food to satisfy all, great wine and great atmosphere.

              1. re: rose water

                Otto is a good suggestion, in that it works for a family group, but I am not enamored of their food. For better cooking in a similar vein, I would look into Rubirosa.

              2. Beacon can handle a group and there is privacy upstairs.

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                  1. re: kathryn

                    Nooooo! I liked that place. Thanks for the heads up Kathryn.

                1. Landmarc in the tw center has almost every table with your demographic. Stroller gridlock outside the restaurant.