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Dec 28, 2012 08:54 AM

Kabuki Korean in Eden Prairie

I have been on a Korean kick lately. I love Dong Yang but unfortunately it is too far from where I live. I am undecided on Kabuki. One time it was average...the next it was pretty good. It does seem like there prices are a bit higher then other Korean spots in town. To those that have been...does Kabuki stand up to places like Hoban, Sole, Tofu House, etc...? What are your favorite dishes?

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  1. I have been to Kabuki a few times for lunch and have always had food that was pretty good. The banchan dishes are small but I have had a waitress offer to refill any of the ones that I emptied which is not common in MN.

    My favorite is Sole on Snelling in St. Paul, but like you I live on the west side of town so Kabuki is close enough and good enough. Much the way I feel about Dong Yang...close enough and good enough.

    1. This is a regular stop on my visits to Eden Prairie. My favorite dish here is far and away the kimchee chigae, either with tofu or pork. The Soonduboo was good, but I have even better at home. The jap chae at lunch was a bit on the dull side. I can't compare to other MSP-area Korean places.


      1. Stopped in late last week for lunch and had the chicken bulgogi spicy. Actually ordered extra spicy but the waiter ignored that request.

        The food was on par with what I have ordered before here. The cook made an appearance in the dining room and was inquiring about the food she had made, which was nice.

        My pref would be to come back and ask for the food to be prepared as though I was Korean. Give me the spice dang it!

        The banchan were good and it was nice to have the hostess ask if I needed any replaced.

        With a little less coddling of their repeat customers Kabuki could be habit forming.

        1. Alas, they are closed now. I'm glad I got my favorite kimchee chigae on my last visit when they were open.