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Dec 28, 2012 08:45 AM

Cajun/Creole restaurants with vegetarian dishes, not overly expensive

A friend who is vegetarian is traveling to New Orleans very soon. What Cajun and/or Creole restaurants offer good versions of traditional dishes adapted for vegetarians? Something besides red beans and rice. :) Also she is quite young and can't spend a lot of money on food.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Gumbo Shop always has a vegetarian option but it's usually a variation on a bean dish. But it's good. Also, it's a solid inexpensive restaurant with a nice old ambience.

    Central Grocery will make a vegetarian muffaletta that's worth it for non-meat eater. Napoleon House will make one as well if she wants it warmed up (the melted cheese makes up for the lack of meat a little, I think.)

    Otherwise it can be tough since seafood is so ubiquitous. Also she should watch out for other weirdness, like beef broth in the bloody mary's at Mr B's or some places making Gumbo Z'Herbes vegetarian while others putting a ham hock in it.

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but virtually NO Cajun or creole restaurants will offer vegetarian suitable food. It is common practice in both cuisines to season even veg sides with smoked pork or poultry. If she eats seafood, she'll find lots of options.

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        To HC's point, red beans are usually made with pork as well ... check that they're veg before proceeding.

        I and others wrote about some veg friendly places on this thread: ... I think the advice is still sound though Pizza Delicious has more vegan friendly stuff on their menu now that they've settled in. Maurepas Foods will have veg friendly options for not unreasonable (but not necessarily cheap) money, as might Suis Generis across the street.

        Killer Po-Boys (inside the Erin Rose bar in the FQ) has a vegan poboy on their menu. I haven't had it but if the quality of their spicy lamb sausage pb is anything to go by, it'll be fantastic. (Seriously, it's awfully good.)

      2. I was wondering about this myself, as I'm taking a trip to New Orleans in a few weeks. I found a place called Meals From The Heart Cafe that looks like it may fit the bill. Their website is currently not working, I see, but maybe she can give them a call?

        1. Some of the vegetarian options at Green Goddess can now be found at Serendipity but the following would really answer your question:

          1. Finding veg food is a challenge. Try EAT or Vacherie in the FQ.

            There's a place between Casamentos and Miss Mae's on Magazine called Hey! cafe - I glanced at their menu and saw many veg options, but can't remember what they were.

            Slim Goodies also on Magazine has some veg options.

            And if worst comes to worst, the new Rouse's grocery in the Warehouse District on Baronne has a salad bar and other veg says my sister.

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              In my opinion, EAT is pretty underrated -- the food there's always very good (though I can't speak to the veg options specially) and reasonably priced. Note that both EAT and Bennachin, recommended below, are BYOB.