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Dec 28, 2012 07:57 AM

Do you have any food related New Years Resolution for 2013?

Last year my resolution was to actually cook with and eat everything that came in my CSA. I had been guilty of falling back and doing the same old, same old things each week. So I made a point of reviewing the list advance and then researching new recipes and trying them out. It was fun and my level of waste was almost eliminated.

This year I was thinking about either committing to making one new recipe/dish a week. Or maybe doing something with the 100's of cook books I own. Maybe committing to make 5 new recipes out of each of them. Still working out the details.

What about you?

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  1. Yes. To overeat, eat things that are bad for me and to eat out more than I should.

    I figure if I set out to do what I inevitably do every year, then I can at least keep my resolutions. ;)

    1. To increase a working knowledge of incorporating egg whites and/or yolk to produce to many concoctions; savory or sweet.
      To successfully bake bread including white, wheat and pizza.
      To plan and tend to a small vegetable garden. The second fold is optimizing the fresh goodies grown.

      1. To continue my resolution from last year: Little to NO food waste and to keep my pantry/fridge/freezer organized. I got a new freezer this year with bins, baskets, etc which helps a lot.

        I would also like to continue too cook more at home instead of relying on take out, going out, etc. Also, to delve more into the Paleo style of eating.

        1. To continue what I started when we bought our new fridge, range, & dishwasher this past Thanksgiving - to keep the fridge/freezer organized, with a list of everything that's in it; to keep the range top & oven clean; & to keep up with regular dishwasher maintenance.

          Also - to try not to let my eyes be bigger than my stomach or my week's recipe plans when shopping at the farmers' market, thus not wasting all the glorious produce I end up buying.

          To make even more creative use of leftovers than I already do (although I'm already considered a gourmet leftover maven - lol!).

          To try at least ONE new recipe a week from the hundreds of cookbooks I own. Just one a week will do fine.

          To not wring my hands when I've forgotten something in the fridge or freezer & HAVE TO THROW IT OUT. The guilt trip isn't worth the anxiety. Stuff happens.

          1. Mastering the art of carving poultry. I always end up tearing it apart with my hands.

            Perfecting the art of grilled pizza. Got a grill this year and used it a LOT! Need more uses.

            Canning and preserving more. Did tomatoes, pickled carrots and onions, fig jam, three kinds of pear jam, marmalade, and tomato jam. Want to do berry jams next.

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              Canning scares me, lol! I just signed up for a class with a friend. I want get over my fear and make bread and butter pickles.

              1. re: foodieX2

                One suggestion when it comes to canning, don't start with canned tomatoes. They are the most time consuming, pain in the ass things to can. If nothing else, because they are at their peak in the summer and boiling water is a pain during the humid summer months.