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Dec 28, 2012 07:41 AM

DTW - best restaurant on People Mover route

We are going downtown for the Great Lakes Invitational Hockey tournament, and I'd like to pick out a restaurant that is a close walk from the DPM loop. Suggestions?

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  1. Bucharest Grill is darned tasty, and cheap as all-get-out.

    1. Sorry, I should have said the place needs to serve alcohol. Also, I heard mixed reviews about the Bucharest Grill from people I work with - just curious, what did you have that you like, if I should get there sometime? I work in Dearborn so I have my pick of some excellent Middle Eastern food,

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        You saw JimM's Santorini post on 11/29, right? May at least be a decent fall back.

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          Bucharest Grill is in the Park Bar, so alcohol isn't an issue. However, it's for garlic lovers only, so it might be a questionable choice for a big group. I have done well with pasta and pizza at Angelina, and they have proven themselves competent at serving big crowds.

        2. Angelina's Italian Bistro, maybe? I don't eat downtown very often, but it was really good last time I was there.

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            I've eaten at Angelina's in the last 6 months, and gone to two business events there recently where they served appetizers (and ordered a small charcuterie plate in addition). All good, and they do have a full bar. The one app I did not enjoy was fish or crab cakes (just meh) but I've liked the pasta in the past, and in the last 2 months liked the pasta, thin crust pizza and meats/cheeses.

          2. Public transport in Detroit is a joke, why can't you just drive from Dearborn? Many of the decent places are in the casinos now. Honestly I prefer to have my nice meals in the suburbs and my fat Midwesterner food in Detroit when I'm there.

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              Pretty sure they are driving, and want to park, get on people mover, eat/drink, get back on people mover to JLA. This is what many many people do when they hit Detroit for an event.

              With that in mind, Roast is easy walking distance from the PM.

            2. We ended up at R.U.B. which was great....I will write about it in a separate post.