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Dec 28, 2012 07:04 AM

Nice brunch in South Philly (must have scrapple)

I'm taking my 74 year old mom out for Sunday brunch on her birthday this Sunday, and she must have Scrapple. Can anybody recommend a nice, down to earth, not too fancy sort of brunch place in or near South Philly that would fit the bill? If it took reservations that would be a bonus.

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  1. I don't think they take reservations but Green Eggs at 13th & Dickinson fits the rest of the criteria. I would say Fitzwater Cafe but they don't have scrapple. The wait for two shouldn't be too bad though.

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      Thanks barryg! I was actually considering this one but the other threads mentioned really long wait times. It's actually only a few blocks from her house too, so that's a huge bonus for her. I'm guessing the earlier the better as far as a good time to get there to beat the crowds?

      1. re: gcwebber

        Yeah probably. I haven't been there in a minute so not sure if it has gotten more crowded or less with the other locations they have now. But even at crowded places I find that waits for two tops aren't usually bad.

        I was going to suggest Fitzwater Cafe and Supper, too, but then was surprised to see that neither served scrapple.

        1. re: barryg

          I know! Honey's doesn't even serve scrapple. WTH? ;)

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            I think I know what is for breakfast tomorrow...

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              Was at Fitzwater yesterday and they had scrapple with one of the dishes on the specials menu. I got it as a side with basic eggs potatoes toast and it was excellent quality (albeit on the salty side). The waiter told me they usually have scrapple on the weekends.

          2. re: gcwebber

            I live near there too, I've gone there around 8:30 on the weekends and haven't had to wait.

        2. You could always go to Oregon or Penrose Diner. Not really "Brunch-y" but they both have scrapple.

          1. I meant to reply after we got back from brunch, but my mom *loved* this place. She even said she would go back there by herself, and I have *never* heard her talk about going anywhere! Thanks so much for such a good rec. I thought the food was terrific too. I'm so sad I don't live in South Philly anymore :)

            1. Just to confirm.. where did you end up? Green Eggs?

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                Yep! Mom had the ham & spinach pie (with a side of scrapple), and we had the bagel / smoked salmon and the yogurt, granola and fruit. Everything was fresh, presented beautifully and delicious. Mom wants to make the place a regular spot for breakfast now. I'm looking forward to the challah french toast :)