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Dec 28, 2012 07:03 AM

Weekend Lunch or Brunch in Columbia

My niece and her boyfriend (both in their late 20s) are coming to town this weekend from Lafayette, LA. I'm looking for a local place for lunch or brunch in town. My mom has lived here for years but doesn't go out much and when she does it's to the same places she always goes, nothing new. We've got Za's on the possible list but really nothing else. I've wanted to try out Polliwogs (sp) in the northeast, but would like to see if anyone can recommend it and/or other local places for a nice casual lunch or brunch. Thanks.

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  1. Motor Supply CO. For brunch. They have bacon infused vodka bloody marys. Also for dinner they have a charcuterie board , everything house made!

    Mr. Friendly's is a staple too.

    1. Cafe Streudel over in West Columbia have some of the best grits in the world