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Dec 28, 2012 06:30 AM

2 batches of latkes, 2 different results

So last week I made latkes on two different occasions and they came out differently each time. I'm trying to figure out what was the important factor in the change.

First batch was spur of the moment craving. So I hand grated on a box grater both the potatoes and the onion and cooked them immediately.

Second batch was for serving as a meal side dish and I needed to prep the dish in advance and cook at the last minute. I grated with the food processor and then soaked the potatoes in water so they wouldn't get brown.

Both batches tasted fine, but the second batch I had issues with many potato pieces floating off into the oil that I didn't have in the first batch. Both batches were made with yukon golds as that is what I had on hand.

Possible causes:

I think I put more oil in the pan in the second batch

soaking was a bad idea and the loss of starch caused the pieces to float off?

The food processor creates a slightly different shape of grated potato so they didn't adhere to each other as well?

Everything else was the same.

ideas? opinions?

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  1. soaking was a bad idea, yes.

    1. Soaking was the culprit--it washed away the starch. I find that grating the onion along with the potatoes helps prevent browning just a bit.