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Dec 28, 2012 06:06 AM

Low key dinner in Quincy

I've been the the Fat Cat a few years ago and liked it. Was also thinking about the Fox and Hound but is seems recent reviews are not that great. I always wanted to try a stock market themed place I heard about but my google search turned up nothing....anybody know the name and if its still around?

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  1. You might be thinking of Stockholders in Weymouth. I haven't been yet.

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      It's stockholders that I was thinking of, thanks!

    2. I'm not familiar with the stock market themed restaurant but please let me know when you find out! Assembly, which has recently opened on Hancock St., near Billings road is very very good. MINUS their web presence (or lack thereof!) It's an Irish style bar/ pub menu. Excellent steak tips, I had the chicken broccoli penne which was very good, buffalo pizza, and salads have all been very good as well.

      1. I like Stockholders. The bar is quit comfortable and they make a nice turkey dinner. Haven't tried Assembly yet but friends have gone and they were happy with it. Another option in Quincy is Cafe deParis. The lounge has a bar as well as tables and the menu is varied. Cafe has been a regular spot for me for quite awhile. They have an exceptional chopped salad and I always get the seared scallops to top it off. Chicken parm is a good option, as well as their Parmesan crusted haddock. This is a neighborhood bar that tends to attract a crowd in their 50s or 60s. They also have a generous pour on their wine.

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          Oooh I'm not familiar with that place. Always looking for good spots in the area! I will have to check it out. I also meant to mention Steel & Rye to OP. It's in Milton but very close to Quincy. Although I wish there were more items on the menu (there is no true pasta...only a risotto and a polenta) that I was interested in, I've eaten there a few times now and it has always been very very good and the service has been excellent.