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Dec 28, 2012 04:57 AM

Fave restaurants in Amman? Also spice shops?

Heading to Amman for a few months for work. Will be based at Grand Hyatt, which has apartments in the tower. In our group, we have an ovo-lacto veggie pescatarian (sp?) and others who will eat anything. What should we put on our list of must eat locations? Any recs for walkable restaurants?

And I have a request to bring home spices, particularly Zaatar. Any hound suggestions for that?


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  1. I would also love some good recommendations. Given that I'm here for a few months (too short for investing in some decent kitchen gear, too long to still be loving hummus and falafel), I'm finding eating out to be a bit of a struggle.

    So far-

    Books@Cafe is fun for some narguileh and the decor, and the pizza is decent. Burger was awful. They do have good veggie options.

    Benihana was completely predictable (no huge surprise, but it was a business meeting). Both sushi and teppanyaki were unremarkable (good or bad).

    Noodasia had passable sushi but the service was atrocious when I went. Not just slow but RUDE.