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Dec 28, 2012 04:38 AM


Having had a wonderful version recently in Jerusalem, I'm wondering where to find it in Manhattan. Please let me know of any recommendations and tell me how it's served (i.e. with pita, Israeli salad, etc.)

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  1. Depending on which hashkacha you accept you can find good shaksuka in many Israeli type restaurants. Both hummus place and soom soom have good versions. Pita is usually included, Israeli salad may be a side order.

      1. re: shoelace

        The recipe from Jerusalem was fantastic.

        1. re: cheesecake17

          the one from the yotam ottolenghi cookbook? ooh, i was drooling over that over shabbos- but first i need to master tahdig which hasnt happened yet

          have you tried the bon appetit recipe?

          1. re: shoelace

            Yes.. It's a fantastic cookbook. I've made several recipes, all winners. I served the shakshouka with arugula salad, zaatar pita and yogurt.

            Have not tried the Bon appetit recipe, but I like the addition of chickpeas.

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              It is a great cookbook-
              The cookbook of the month(cotm) for January is Jerusalem
              in Home Cooking

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                Yes, I noticed! Very excited to be cooking from it.

        1. Haven't tried it but my friend loved the shakshuka at Grill 212 (80th b/w bway and amsterdam).

          1. Is it preferable to use a cast iron skillet and cook in oven as opposed to the stovetop?

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              My grandma uses a regular skillet. She cooks the tomatoes on the stove, and finishes it with the eggs in the oven