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Brunch in the valley

i am looking for a place to do brunch in the SFV on January 6. I would prefer a place where I can make a reservation and it has to be vegetarian friendly. I'm willing to go as far north as Agoura, Calabasas or Thousand Oaks.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Not sure about reservations (call to check): http://www.morethanwaffles.com/

    1. One of the best brunches in all of Los Angeles is Saddle Peak Lodge's Sunday only brunch. Beautiful one of a kind rustic setting near the valley side of Malibu Canyon. Great food and service. Menu is at this link:

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          The op mentioned it has to be vegetarian friendly. The decor at Saddle Peak Lodge may be off-putting.

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            Why would the decor be off-putting?

            Are there mannequins in pose eating big cuts of meat adorning the dining room walls?

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              It looks like a hunting lodge with dead animal heads mounted on the walls. Definitely would disturb most vegetarians (even though the brunch menu has good veggie options).

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                That's assuming most vegetarians are vegetarian because of ethical (or moral) reasons. That's a pretty big assumption.

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                  You may be right, but in the interest of providing a comfortable environment for vegetarian guests, I would recommend taking them to a restaurant where they won't be stared at by dead animals while they eat.
                  For a similar setting, but much more "vegetarian friendly," I would recommend Inn of the 7th Ray in Topanga Canyon (not quite the Valley, but in Canyon and easily accessed fr: Valley). On the eastern end of Valley in Studio City, you might want to check out Ca del Sole (I've enjoyed nice lunch here, but have not had their brunch).

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                    Ca del Sole has a lovely brunch, http://www.cadelsole.com/menus/

      2. Try the Odyssey in Granada Hills. Fantastic views of the the SF Valley. Food is buffet quality. They have veggie options as well.

        1. Cici's cafe is a good choice. You can shop for records next door if you have to wait to be seated.

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          2. My Sunday brunch list:

            Boneyard Bistro [opens at noon]
            ok, one veg sammie, lotsa bacon items; prolly not the least bit veg friendly, but for another time

            The Getty [opens at 10, restaurant opens at 11
            Maybe a bit far, but cool site, great view with food

            Izakaya M [opens at noon
            no w/e lunch menu; some tofu items in the main menu

            and the usual suspects:

            veg-friendly menu

            Marmalade Cafe
            pancakes & oatmeal veg options

            John O' Groats
            a veg option in most lunch categories

            Coral Tree Cafe
            many veg-friendly options

            More Than Waffles
            full menu/healthy menu/gluten-free menu/kids menu
            small, downstairs in Encino shopping ctr; dunno bout the res, but they're friendly; call

            Madelaine Bistro in Tarzana is a vegetarian restaurant. Expensive. Good. Went a few times when my daughter was a veg-only eater, and was impressed. They do Sun brunch.