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Dec 28, 2012 03:45 AM

Restaurat/vineyard suggestions in Priorat/Montsant/Tarragona

Thoughts? Can Bosch and Celler de l'Aspic look good on the restaurant front, but that's judging only by their websites. De Maison has some intriguing recommendations, those two among them:

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  1. You didn't include Penedes (intentionally or unintentionally) for your listed vineyards. The area is just south of Barcelona. In case you would like to consider, Torres winery is very large and has a modern tasting room about 35 minutes drive from Barcelona.

    1. Thanks. Am more focused on Priorat/Montsant but could certainly go to Penedes.

      1. Celler de l'Aspic in Falset does modern Catalan cuisine in barrel-vaulted dining room in same bldg as the modernista co-op. Owner-chef-sommelier is Toni Bru, Slow Food aficionado, and the wine list is worth a detour. Your table neighbours will be local Priorat and Montsant wine growers like Capafons Osso Sr. or Jr, any of the guys from Orto Vins or Vinyes Domenech, all worth a visit, sundry Torres teams and punters like yrself. Nextdoor, Quinoa is fun too, as is Hostel del Sport, just down the main street - local/seasonal stuff (grilled asparagus with salsa romesco) and always heaving. Further afield, and if you have a car (& nerves of steel) head up to clifftop village of Siurana for grilled lamb or kid at Rest. Siurana, owned and run by messianic Catalan separatista couple, and/or eat at Els Tallers, rest. of Hotel Siuranella for modern Catalan cooking by young chef and deft wine advice from his French sommelier wife. Even further away, towards Tarragona in the lovely Terra Alta wine country, Les Capcades in Horta de Sant Joan is great - banal Spanish dining room, exciting neo-Catalan cooking and a good wine list including super Garnatxa Blanca from Barbara Fores, also worth a visit (Gandesa). Enjoy :-)

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          This is fantastic. Thanks. Where would you stay? Top 4/5/6 wineries in the area?

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            "local Priorat and Montsant wine growers like Capafons Osso Sr. or Jr, any of the guys from Orto Vins or Vinyes Domenech are all worth a visit" as mentioned above, + Barbara Fores in Terra Alta - loads more of course, the place is a hotbed of fine wine growing and great little places to stay but the rules of the game forbid my mentioning them - try Google :-)