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Great sushi in tokyo for jan 5? similar to sushisho saito?

My wife and i are visiting and unfortunately we found out that most places are closed, including our favorite place of all time, sushisho Saito (not to be confused with sushi saito). Is there anything similar that is great and open? Omakase, warm rice, good sake, great fish, warm and comfortable atmosphere and good value but price is not a worry. At sushisho Saito you get to try so many things, like 35 pieces, which we loved. Thanks!

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  1. I should add we would like to be around 20,000 yen each for the meal, but can pay more if its worth it.

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      That's impossible to find a sushi like sushi sho on January 05 as Tsukiji Market is closed ! Sushi-yasan usually manage to have less stock, and deal with it correctly (frozen if necessary the products), ..so after you will have the choice between a Manten sushi where I have had a long list of tsumami/sashimi and a spicy donburi(sushi-sho saito = spicy specialities). At 7800.-yens for diner, it should give you a good performance quality, some sake, unfortunately it is located in the basement of the Marunouchi Brick Square and is a very casual place (not comfortable).
      Or you have Hotel sushi, sushi Sora, at 20,000-yens for diner, with the sake pairing it will cost 30,000yens per person, .. 2-3 tsumamis, plus 10 nigiris + 2 nigiris of 'maguro(tuna)', the chef succeeded to give a luxe touch though..
      If you want to enjoy like sushi sho saito, it will be Manten sushi, .. If you are staying longer, on the 07th, the new 2 stars sushi Kimura in Futago Tamagawa will be opened, and even it is independent of sushi sho, it is influenced.. Some links to help to decide :
      Manten sushi - Marunouchi Brick Square (=Tokyo Station)
      Sushi Sora - Hotel Mandarin Oriental (=MitsukoshiMae Station
      Sushi Kimura (=Futago Tamagawa) diner at 8,000/12,000yens

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        hi ninisix,

        i am visiting tokyo in 2 weeks and would like ur help... for my first dinner there i have booked sushi sho and sushiso masa... can u tell me which one is better? also i hv also booked sushi sawada and sushi yoshitake, and hv one extra sushi dinner.. where would u recommend? (what are your favorite sushi restaurants?) i understand u love araki and saito but both are fully booked... anything u can recommend that is still available? thanks!

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          The sushi Sho's fans prefer Sushi-Sho Masa (I never tasted it so far) or the mother style of Sushi-Sho in Yotsuya. Sushi-Sho Saito is spicy, that is his speciality. As the chef was in NY, I am pretty sure he speaks English. I find it sometime difficult, as Sushi-Sho serves sashimi and nigiris alternatively ... It works very well if you want to drink a lot of variety of sake.

          I don't know if it is true, but I have heard some rumor that sushi Saito will move this year, perhaps in Aoyama 1 chome... not this time ! 

          Now, if you're enjoying sake and the list of long sashimi/tsumami, I recommend you sushi Ookawahara, the diner is at 18,000yens, and the list is very very impressive. The chef have done his first at sushi Tsubaki (high ranked in Tabelog), and that can be felt.

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            how is sushi miyako compared to the likes of sawada / araki / yoshitake / jiro? http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1302/A13020...

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              Miyako sushi is on the top Tabelog for 2 years. It gained its fame thanks to 2 books (one published from a manga writer). Its dinner omakase is at 11,000yens, but still, to fully enjoy it, I recommend you order supplement, and you'd better be accompanied with someone that speaks Japanese ! Simple aji, simple uni, ikura miso zuke, ankimo are what the chef specialize in, classics. Nothing to compare to other high end sushi, the chef is young, very nice, but overall, it is very far from the special show that the other sushi you mentioned offers: it is an Izakaya like ! 
              Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiroo in Ginza is my favorite, even though I go there every year, I am still curious about my next time there... 

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                thanks for ur reply.. i still hv an empty meal on sunday... where do u suggest i go? anything amazing that not too many people know about so i can still manage to get a reservation? i want to go here but they are closed on sundays http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1302/A13020...


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                  Less than 2 weeks, that is a big top chrono search... On a Sunday, you might have chance with the famous Yakotori Torishiki in Meguro !! Sunday's are usually quieter !! Tempura Hayashi, that sounds like be a good choice, I heard of it 2 times from different persons. Besides, on a Sunday, for going at the last minute, there is the sushi Garyu in Yotsuya 3 chome. Name feels a bit Chinese, but the menu offers good food (some kaiseki, new tendency in sushi-yasan), and sushi on beautiful ceramics !!

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                    Hey dont think torishiki is open on Sunday for lunch. Any good yakitori places opened for Sunday lunch? Like birdland and the likes of it?

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                      Too difficult to answer.. the lunch that will answer the better is the 'torisukiyaki(chicken sukiyaki)' Inshoutei in Ueno, the sukiyaki is serve with cresson, tofu, oignons,.. here a link
                      Menu at 5300-yens, 6,300yens (reservation necessary, ask for the sukiyaki
                      )After, I can propose you small smoky places in Naka Meguro though... why don't you try a soba? Soba Hosokawa is open.