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Corropolese bakery and deli in Lansdale

I see that Corropolese bakery and deli is due to open soon in Lansdale in the shopping center next to the burger king. They are going to open early and close early and they claim to be famous for their tomato pie. Anyone know anything else about this new joint?

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  1. I don't know anything specific about it, but I have had Corropolese tomato pie in the past and I remember being very pleased.

    1. Corropolese is by far the best Italian bakery in the area! Great tomato pie, hoagies, fresh rolls and desserts! I am so excited to have them closer to my home. We travel to Norristown because they are the best!

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        Great addition to Lansdale! If you are having a Super Bowl party, their hot roast beast with gravy is fabulous. I really do like their tomato pie too!!

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          Awesome! Not sure when the Lansdale one will open. Soon I hope. It will be very convenient despite the true bakery hours. But they are open seven days a week the little flyer I got in the mail is proclaiming.

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            CS, Would you happen to know specifically what type of beast it is that they serve? Plus 3 on the tomato pie.

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              I do not. I just know it tastes fabulous and I never thought to ask. I like it better than Sam's Italian.

        2. I hope they open soon. Did a drive by yesterday but no dice.

          1. Corropolese tomato pie is very good and a Norristown classic, thank God it's available to me at the Limerick Corropolese. The thing about tomato pie to me is that it's only really good for maybe 6 hours after it's made. Any longer than that and it's not as good and day old tomato pie is blecchh. They also have really good Kaiser rolls and other rolls and breads.

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                It was not as of last Wednesday. But there were people in there working. I got some coupons in the mail, but there was just the generic "opening in January," no firm date.

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                  If they are opening in January .. they need to open this week. I wonder if you can tell whether its going to be a retail outlet or whether they will be baking things like the tomato pies on site.

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                    We looked in, but honestly they didn't seem to be far enough along to determine what kind of setup it's going to be. Luckily, the coupons don't have an expiration date.

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                      OK, just found this article: http://www.thereporteronline.com/arti...

                      Looks like they are now aiming for this Wednesday. And yeah, it's going to be a retail outlet--no on-site baking and no dine-in option.

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                        Thanks gaffk for the info and the Distorter link. Now I must find out more about this roast beast for SBS

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                          Have you ever tried the roast beef at Lansdale Meat Market? They roast the beef there, you can get it at their deli counter. Then you can pick up the jus in containers in their fridge section. Take it home and dump the jus and beef in a crock pot on warm. When I moved to this area 2 years ago, my extended family came to help with the painting, hanging, etc and the beef was a big hit.

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                            Haven't tried it yet. Sounds like a good idea for a crowd. When it's only me I head straight to Pumperniks

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                          they are open alright. Bad news is they really mean it about the whole six o'clock thing, even on opening day. Got there right at six but no dice. Err no tomato pie. I was not the only disappointed potential customer lingering at the glass doors.
                          When they started turning out the lights on the customers inside the hope went out of our eyes and we left. Tomorrow is another day.

                  2. It's open (opened Wednesday) and word is obviously out.

                    I was driving by at 1:30 this afternoon, and literally had had nothing to eat to that point, so naturally I had to stop in.

                    It's a good sized space. They have a bakery counter, which was pretty well decimated by the time I got there. The case with the standard bakery cookies was still full, but the one with pies, cakes, etc had pretty much been sold out. They did have some baklava slices left.

                    There's a separate counter for breads (which looked good) and the tomato pies. I was tempted to get a loaf of their rye, but the line was pretty long.

                    They have a small selection of dried pastas and Cento products. Also a refrigerated section in the back with pre-made pastas, containers of their pizza sauce, tomato pie making kits and other stuff. They also have containers of olives.

                    Then they have the deli section featuring Boar's Head meats. There were about 10 of us at this counter, but they had about 5 people making sandwiches, so it went pretty quick. I got the small Italian hoagie. The bread was really good, but not enough oil and damn, that Boar's Head cappicola has a real red pepper bite.

                    As I said, word is obviously out as even at 1:30 on a wintry afternoon, there was a good crowd there with sandwiches and tomato pies flying out the door.

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                      Finally made it tonight after five pm. I stood in line at the deli hoping to score a hoagie even though it was kind of late.
                      Meanwhile my friend headed to the tomato pie area hoping to grab a quarter of a pie. Alas they were sold out.
                      The deli people made me a fresh hoagie despite the lateness of the hour. I was delighted and made sure I got oil and vinegar rather than the dreaded mayo. Why people why??
                      I used to work at a deli and learned there from ahem sampling that fresh cut lunch meat really does taste so much better. My hoagie was perfect and wonder of wonders while my friend and I were waiting we were informed that someone had to cancel an order so there were quarters of tomato pies available!
                      My friend adored the pie and very nearly finished it off by himself. He said it was nice and light. I really enjoyed it too. The flavors were bright and fresh. Top notch ingredients.
                      We will be back when we can beat the early closing time. They had plenty of customers all being waited on cheerfully. I love that new restaurant buzz.
                      My friend wants an apple strudel next time and I was eyeing a chocolate pie for valentines day.
                      There was a sign in the bakery area reminding people to order their faschnauts as well. Now if they only had hot soup. :)

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                        I really like their hoagies. Often they cheerfully slice everything fresh and of course the bread is so good. Got a large american hoagie for 8.75 yesterday. It was perfect. Even just the right amount of oil and vinegar.
                        Snagged the second to last quarter of a tomato pie for my friend, they sell out of these like crazy. I think of the little squares as an appetizer or snack. I finally got a "wonder" chicken from the roaster. Was tasty and very convenient. They have some deal going on where you can get rolls and salads for a special chicken dinner price.
                        Now if someone would just try the crab cakes from the deli and let us know how they are.

                      2. Stopped in this past friday and grabbed an apple pie with nuts for a festive dinner on sat. I warmed the pie gently and since the nuts were on top they got all toasty. Very very good. The crust was rich and tasty.
                        Can't wait to try something else. They had Irish soda bread and a sign promising lots of Easter goodies soon!

                        1. I have always loved Corpolese bakery, they make really good stromboli kinda things with pepperoni, spinach, ham and cheese... tasty! Bread is top notch, and their tomato pie is good.

                          I'm kind of a tomato pie snob... if I had my preference I'd rather have Conshohocken Bakery tomato pie... but Corpolese gives Hearth Baker a run for it's money on the tomato pie front
                          Actually, they'll give them a run for their money on a lot of levels...I like Hearth Baker... but I like Corpolese better! We order for parties for Corpolese over Hearth for rolls and tomato pie every time, it's worth the extra drive to Norristown... now we don't have to drive far!
                          woo hoo! (glad I found this, I didn't know they opened, haven't been down that end of Broad in a while)

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                            LOL, so Chicago-style sucks, but Corropolese is good? We'll have to agree to disagree there. ;-)

                            So far I've had 3 pizzas (excuse me, pies!) from Corro in Landale, one tomato, one pepperoni & cheese, and one anchovy. As was mentioned, the sauce is incredibly sweet, and has virtually no tomato flavor. The pepperoni is obviously cheap stuff, very thin and flavorless. However, I did enjoy the "crust", although it's obviously bread, not pizza crust. And it's sold cold (I tried it cold and warmed up).

                            I guess this is the White Castle of pizzas! If you grew up with and love it, fine, but don't expect anyone outside of Philly to appreciate it.

                            I would only buy the Anchovy again, but not as a pizza. I would serve it with olive oil instead of bread to accompanying dinner. The mild Anchovies gave it a nice salty umami flavor.

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                              tomato pie isn't pizza... it's.. tomato pie,the one with anchovy (the white one, right?) is focaccia... Pizza is pizza, these aren't pizzas....

                              They're supposed to be served cold (room temperature, whatever)
                              I was there this weekend (twice, shameful, aren't I?)
                              got two large Italian Hoagies with "everything" on them a quarter of a tomato pie a box of Falcone's Anisette toast and then went back the next day for Italian Split loaf, grated locatelli, and a couple sfogliatelle for dessert. I made a big pot of Sunday Gravy, yes... I call it GRAVY!... the bread is GREAT! and it's a bargain! I love Alice Bakery's baguette's, this isn't the same so it's comparing apples to oranges, but it's really good Italian bread... I'm "lower carbing" it to drop some LBS before summer and my daughter's wedding, otherwise I'd be back for their semolina bread

                              The hoagies are SPOT ON!
                              A generous amount of freshly, thinly sliced Italian Meats and nicely sharp provolone (not overly sharp, that just over powers the whole sandwich)
                              Shaved thin lettuce, shaved thin onions, tomatoes were okay, especially considering the time of year it is, getting good tomatoes for a place like this is nearly impossible

                              The roll… wow, it’s everything.. nice thin shatteringly crisp outside, but dense and hearty inside…

                              The large Italian Hoagie is 9.75 and worth every penny (it’s a decent size, enough to feed four people, three if you’ve got “healthy appetites” at home)

                              I got two, to feed me, my husband, my daughter, her girlfriend, my manly man 6’4” son and his 6’ girlfriend as well as their three year old and we had a half of a large leftover
                              I said, they use a GENEROUS amount of meat!

                              the sfogliatelle was VERY good, they cost $1.65 each (I've seen them priced way higher)
                              The layers were nice and crisp, the filling dense had a nice amount of citrus and not overly sweet… it’s one of my all time favorites when it’s done well, and to me, inedible if not properly made… this was VERY good! (maybe not THE best, but it’s another thing I’m kind of a snob about)

                              back to the tomato pie... it's sweeter at the Landsale store than I remember it being from the Norristown store. I may have to do a side by side...(wink wink) (Conshy bakery tomato pie is still my favorite)

                          2. Stopped in at Corropolese yesterday for an Italian Hoagie. I volunteer in Lansdale on Wednesday mornings and needed lunch before heading to Doylestown. Was pleased to see they had tables inside so I didn't have to eat in the car. Had a pleasant conversation with the cashier while I ate and also saw they were in the process of putting tables outside for the warmer weather. Best Italian Hoagie in the area; pleasant, helpful staff and they have daily bread and deli meat specials which are really inexpensive. I picked up a loaf of the Tuscan bread, which we enjoyed with dinner last night. They also sell pizza dough to make your own pizza as well as shaved steak for cheesesteaks. Love this place.