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Dec 27, 2012 09:35 PM

Help with Prime Rib storage - is 5 days ok?

I bought a 7.5lb standing rib roast from the supermarket on Christmas eve. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but the meat looked too good to pass up at $4.95/lb so I bought it. Thankfully, I have 7 hungry friends willing (anxious!?) to come over and eat it with me on Saturday (29th). Since the 24th it has just sat in the fridge in the styro tray from the store. Today I cut it open and left it loose in the fridge uncovered, as that seemed to be the prevailing advice on the internet. The picture of the roast as it looks today is attached.

Am I OK to do this? I'm honestly not too concerned about adding flavor from dry-aging, but just want the roast to be safe and fresh when I cook it on Saturday (only about 1.5 days away at this point).

Any advice is welcome, both on the storage and the prep. My favorite restaurant PR is marinated for a day, but I don't see any recipes for this online.

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  1. That's a great looking piece of meat....

    At this point, I would suggest you leave it uncovered in the refrigerator for 5 days, or for 3 days....but personally, I do not like the idea of wrapping it again so it can sit in it;s own juices, as it picks up odors I do not care for from the blood juices.

    For my 2012 Christmas Holiday Prime Rib Roasts, I purchased tow separate Chuck End Roasts and Dry-Age/Air Dried for a full 7 days....seasoned 48 hours in advance. If you go to the following threads you can see preparation, roasting and finished results in pictures.. The thread also has some great discussion from others with their recommendations and experiences.

    I recommend you roast low and slow at 200-225*.

    The following links are for the same thread as above, but the pictures for each stage in the process are separated due to file size limits.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I am putting this in the oven in about 40 hours, so that's the longest it can be left uncovered. After researching, it seems I should have opened the package as soon as I got it home and left it unwrapped for the entire 5 days in the fridge. I will do this next time.

      I was basically looking for re-assurance that 3 days spent in it's styrofoam tray, plus 2 days spent unwrapped in the fridge will not spoil the meat.

      I'll invest some time tonight reading that thread for cooking ideas. If I use fourunder's technique I would want to season before going to sleep tonight!

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        Your meat is fine at this point....even if you had it wrapped for the entire 5 days.....if you had kept it wrapped...wherever the meat stays in contact with the juices, it has a chance to be comprised and turn color. You won't be harmed by eating any of the discolored meat, but the meat tend to develop an off odor. This would be true for all meats in general.

        In the same thread, you can read how I prepared a roast last year where I Wet Aged in a Cryovac vacuum sealed bag for 26 days and 2 days to air dry.....there are many ways to hold meat....but in general, you can hold meat at home in a properly set refrigerator (38* and under) without concern....The best hing though, is to get it out of that styrofoam tray and those diapers that come with it....and keep an eye that the meat does not sit in liquid....if so, pat dry and change paper towels underneath, if used.....I do not find it necessary myself.

        Finally, You can salt for 24-48 hours in advance of roasting.....personally I really do not believe the salt will ever penetrate to the center of the eye, but it does draw moisture out to concentrate the beef flavor a little in the end result.

      2. Salt, heavily, leave unwrapped.

        Left in the styrofoam, wrapped, is more likely to spoil.