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Dec 27, 2012 09:14 PM

Chow worthy restaurants to try on route from grove city to Pittsburgh Airport??

We are stayimg at the airport hotel and heard no restaurants so wanted to find one on way to airport hotel.
We are coming from toronto.

We are considering either Primanti bros or BRGR for burgers the next day in cranberry township.

We have adventurous eaters in tow (kids) a DDD place would be fun to try as well..

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  1. BRGR is a good option in Cranberry, though IMO, Burgatory in Robinson near the airport is the slightly better choice for burgers.

    Echo (farm to table) and Tamari (Asian fusion) in Cranberry. In Robinson I also like Dasonii (Korean).

    Mostly chains in both areas, although some you may not have in Toronto.

    1. There is a Primanti's very near the airport hotels, and while not a large selecton, there are a few good choices near the airport. Another place near the hotels is called Wings, Suds and Spuds, which is as it sounds. Good for kids, local kind of place.