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Dec 27, 2012 08:27 PM

lunch on grand ave/lakeshore, oakland

Have an appt in Grand Ave/Lakeshore, Oakland area tomorrow. Best options for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. coach sushi has awesome lunch specials

    1. I like both Boot & Shoe Service and Sidebar for lunch.

      1. Sidebar. I myself will be there tomorrow for my usual Friday lunch!

        I also like Grand Tavern, but it's bit further down from the main attractions.

        If it happens to be sunny and warm, sitting outside at Boot & Shoe or Holy Land is always nice. I am Ikaros'ed out, but their gyro is also nice to enjoy outside.

        Earlier this week had a very nice lunch at Lin Jia, so if you're in the mood for Chinese...

        Coach has a good lunch, but I can never return there because my rubber arm is easily twisted and it's hard to roll uphill home after all the sake.