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Dec 27, 2012 07:47 PM

breakfast near the Queen Elizabeth

Any recommendations for a good place walking distance from the hotel (within 10 minutes) with yummy breakfast or brunch food, NOT served on styrofoam or with plastic cutlery? Brunch here runs you $25 pp! Eggs, pancakes, crepes, etc? Open on the weekends?

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  1. Brunch places will be much easier to find on the weekends, decent breakfast is tougher to find downtown on weekdays (outside of the hotels). Your best bet might be to head down the hill to Rue McGill (not McGill College). There's lots there but I'd aim for Cartet if you can walk a little further. A similar distance away is Griffintown on Notre dame and Hangar in Wellington, both only serving later brunch on the weekends.

    1. There are lots, some better than others... Dunn's, Le Commensal, Reuben's, Deli Planet, Ben & Florentine and Nickel's are the one's that immediately jump out at me.

      If you want a breakfast like the local business crowds do, I'd suggest Brisket's (1093, côte du Beaver Hall) Mr. Steer (1198 Sainte Catherine O) or Sheas (1134 Ste Catherine O in the basement).

      1. I'm also looking for breakfast places, near the Omni....(used to be the 4 seasons I think?) what about Eggspectations? the places listed below don't sound like breakfast places, but real food places? is there a Movenpick in montreal? I seem to remember there may have been? And is Picasso still around? I know it's not close, but a breakfast place?

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          Movenpick and Picasso's closed down. I would stay away from Chez Cora and any breakfast place that uses "eggs" in their name (their breakfasts remind me of something I get at an airport if I'm on a tight schedule). Omni is only about a 3 mins walk from the Queen Elizabeth, so all the above recommendations would suit you as well. If you are looking for a place for a late breakfast during the week, I'd try Avenue (Mont Royal metro) or Bagels ect. (St Laurent blvd).