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Dec 27, 2012 07:32 PM

Food, Drinks, Live Music on the Big Island

Where can I hear live music (preferably Hawaiian) with food and drinks on the Big Island? Is there a local bar that you can recommend? How about a local luau, not one at a resort? Thanks!

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  1. Hawaii Island is often referred to as 'the big island', being roughly four times the size of Rhode Island or twice the size of Delaware. It would help if we knew what part or parts of the island you will be on, and when you will be there.

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      We are staying at the Hapuna Prince. We probably won't venture to Hilo so probably venues in the Kailua-Kona area or even Waimea would be best for us. Thanks!

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        One of my friends on the Big Island enjoys taking people to the show/luau at the Hilton Waikoloa. Not cheap, but he says its a good show and decent food.

    2. If you are staying at Hapuna, then pop over to the Copper Bar at Mauna Kea for sunset. Music, hula, pupus, mai tais (da best!) and that magical, magical sky. Get there early for a good seat. I'm sure there are spots down in Kailua town, but keep in mind the long, dark drive back.

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        That was just the type of tip I was looking for. Mahalo!

      2. I would head to Hawi mid afternoon, check out Pololu Valley lookout at the end of the road, and maybe hike down for a look and then have dinner at Bamboo. Call them to find out about entertainment lineup. Enjoy a glass of wine or drink but designate a driver back to your resort.