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What to do with Tasso? [Split from Site Talk]

I've brought back Tasso from New Orleans...what can I do with it besides flavoring bean dishes?

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  1. I received some Tasso in a gift basket this year, and I'm going to use it in gumbo. Still haven't decided on a recipe yet, tho.

    1. Shrimp and Grits......Maverick Style from the Maverick Kitchens in Charleston.....Slightly North of Broad aka SNOB.

      1. I had a really great eggs Benedict recently with Tasso (cubed) in the hollandaise.

        1. You can dice tasso up and add it to jambalaya, gravy, dressing, or crab cakes.

          1. Put it into étouffée or jambalaya; make a tasso cream sauce for shrimp; it's great in various soups when finely diced; diced and cook some up and add it to scrambled eggs.

            1. Use as flavoring in just about anything or make sandwiches with it.

              1. Puleo's restaurants near Knoxville make two gravies to serve with their fried green tomatoes: a classic white gravy with chunks of pork sausage and a red gravy with tasso as the base meat. The Tasso is a thick, rich experience that is worth aiming to copy. Not very tomato based, they may use Guajillo pepper for the rich red color and gentle heat.

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                    It's a spicy, peppery version of smoked pork - usually from the shoulder cut - with a good extra kick to it. Specialty of southern Louisiana cooking.

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                        I gave up trying to find tasso in my area so I make my own. The same with andouille. A summer job at the old Dixie Packing Company in Arabi (St. Benard Parish), Louisiana many years ago is still paying off.

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                          I live in New England - haven't seen it up here except on rare occasion at Whole Foods. But it can be ordered online from Cajun Grocer.

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                            cajungrocer.com has a lot of good quality LA foodstuffs at reasonable prices, including Tasso, Andouille, Boudin, smoked sausage (for red beans and rice), etc.

                      2. I had Chef Prudhomme's Chicken Tchptoulis (includes tasso) and it was one of the five or ten best things I have ever eaten.

                        One example:

                        1. I love it in pasta with cream sauce--adds a wonderful layer of flavor if diced and browned before being added.