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Dec 27, 2012 06:38 PM

One great dinner in Antwerp

your favorite place in antwerp for dinner please? $ no object- thanks

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    1. great local cuisine..your fave place thx

      1. this was posted one year ago fyi- many thx
        zkoulerm Dec 6, 2011 04:37 AM
        It all depends on what you are looking for. Here is a decent list of what I've found so far (I am from the US and now live in the South of Antwerp)

        In the south:
        - Not open on the weekends, but my favorite Italian place is Particolare - it's a small deli with a ton of prepared dishes. Always fresh, always expertly balanced, and always changing! Check it out if you end up here during a weeknight. The owner is fun too :) http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant...
        - A great patisserie is in the South called Dela Faille http://www.dellafaille.eu/.
        - A casual quick lunch if you are in the mood for a Brasserie is Den Artiste http://www.brasseriedenartist.be/
        - Also, you should try Fiskebar if you like fish!! It's most likely the best fish in Antwerp - it's all written in Flemish on chalk boards. That means it's fresh! http://www.fiskebar.be/
        - If you are in the mood for sushi, there are a few good places. Izumi is really nice, very expensive, and very authentic http://www2.resto.be/izumi/.

        - There is a really charming italian place in the center called Il Gallo Nero http://www.resto.be/ware/details.jsp?... that has great fresh ingredients.
        - If you are missing a great burger (if you don't live in the US), Burgerij http://www.burgerij.be/ is really nice. Not walkable from the center though.
        - If you have transportation (10 mins south by car in Aarselaar) I'm obsessed with Hana Japanese Restaurant on A12. Get the fried chicken bowl and some fresh simple sushi. http://www.tripwolf.com/en/guide/show...

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          many thanks, looking for a great sit down dinner..not formal..but great food

      2. Dear intrepid,

        check out some of the following places:

        Invincible - www.restaurantinvincible.be - for local dishes, simple no fuss presentations and a very adventurous wine list.
        Interesting also for its sushi-counter type of seating.

        Veranda - located in Berchem, Guldenvliesstraat - for fixed course no options menu of very intelligent composition and attention to quality produce. (Book well in advance


        If you had a car you ought to consider Nuance in Duffel, a fifteen minute ride from Antwerpen. www.resto-nuance.be.
        Try to go there now, so you can say in the not too remote future when they will have three stars "I ate there"!

        As much as I respect all other chowhounds' opinions, I would like to say that the recommendation for fiskebar in another reply to your query, is imho wrong. Very wrong, in fact.


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