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Dec 27, 2012 06:37 PM


please looking for your 3 favorite places for dinner, $ no object thanks

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  1. You can probably do a search, but 2 that I really enjoyed were Tickets and Paco Meralgo. We were only there for a week, so my experience is not extensive. I also loved my meal at Quim in La Boqueria market.

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    1. You'll likely get a better response if you do a bunch of reading here and then ask 'hounds to help you narrow it down. Until your taste is known, it's always a tough question anywhere. Our recent trip to Barcelona was SO enhanced by the especially friendly people on this particular board.

      We also really liked Tickets and Paco Meralgo though you do need to make res for Tickets two months to the day ahead.

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        many thx, ive been on these boards for over 15 years, many thanks

        im already dining at gaig tickets riesdegalicia ca i"isidre

        grazie mille ciao

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          Sorry. When I saw that you'd been posting just this year, I made an assumption.. Looks like you're doing well.

      2. For modern Catalan/fine dining, one can't do much better than Can Gaig and for seafood, Rias de Galicia. My two meals at Ca I'sidre were disappointing, tire food and pompous service; that was more than 5 years ago. To spend that kind of money on traditional Catalan cooking, I would go to Roig Robi. Simpler and less expensive is L'Olive. For modern Catalan, I like Sauc, Hisop, and based on an excellent dinner earlier this year, Moments. Despite some uneven food and service, I always have a great time at Comerc24. Assume you are not looking for tapas/pinxtos and everyday simple places.

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          hi thanks, but i am also looking for tapas and everyday places as well…any thoughts? thanks much

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          1. Pavo Meralgo has me dreaming of Barcelona's best tomato bread + patatas bravos + fried baby squid--go, go, go, everything on their menu is superb. We saved day 7 for our favorite restaurant repeat + Paco Meralgo it was.
            Best splurge meal was Cinc Sentis, their 7 course menu exquisite....foie gras that's orgasmic. Flawless and congenial service. It was always be my 2nd day of trip lunch upon return.
            If you're there the first weekend of the month, do go to the Mercat del Art de la Placa de Sant Joseph Oriol and browse the numerous artists' work after lunching at Taller de Tapas, you'll be taking one home.
            I love Gispert, calle Sombrers 23, since 1851, for almonds, saffron, spices, wonderful shop.
            Patisserie Hofman, Flassaders 44, has heavenly croissants, raspberry, almond...he teaches pastry to bakery.
            Check -- we went to Verdi's Nabucco at the Palau de le Musica Catalunya. Fabulous evening.
            The rooftop of La Pedrera is mesmerizing, I love Gaudi.
            A day trip to Monserrat was gorgeous and so easy to navigate.
            Just home from a lovely week in Barcelona and will definitely
            be returning.