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Dec 27, 2012 06:36 PM

Paris dinners

pls need 3 of your favorites $ no object, we've enjoyed the falafel to a apicius, to ze kitchen gallerie, so we are wide open..just want great food thoughts ?? thanks

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  1. That's pretty wide open. I haven't been on Chow for awhile, but popping back in tonight I know there are several members that have good blogs that you could trawl for ideas. John T and Ptipois, both have informative blogs which might give you some insight on where to eat. (and probably others, but I just haven't been on here enough lately to know who is active) And part of the reason I haven't been on Chow for awhile is twofold:

    1. open questions like "Where should I eat" There are so many factors to what a person wants that it's hard to recommend.
    2. snarky replies (i know that sounds a bit rich given number one) So, please know that's not a personal dig at you - i'm happy to give my two cents, but it's difficult when it's so wide open. (although it was more helpful with the restaurants that you mentioned)

    That said, I will give you my current happy places:

    1. I just had oyster/lobster lunch at l'Eccailer and loved it. I forgot how much I love it. Took a visiting friend there for her birthday who wanted a great french meal experience and she was in heaven. 55 Euros for the lobster/oyster menu is spendy, but it was very very good. (and there are other options, but it was her b-day, so we went all out)

    2. Rallonge (the new extension of Table d'Eugene on rue Eugene Sue - or the other way around - Sue Eugene? I'm sure John can correct that if I'm wrong on the street as he knows that area) It's small plates and they have been very nice to me as well as really good food the last two times I've been in since they opened just a few weeks ago.

    In the same weekend, I had dinner at Chateaubriand and was less impressed (I think it's a better place to eat in summer months)

    Another possible option that everyone seems to love at the moment: Terroir Parisien. Not my fav, but could be interesting for visitors since they seem to focus on Parisien stuff (and everyone else besides me seems to love it)

    Also recently had a nice lunch at Pascade (although, again, going against the grain I think it's a bit expensive for what it is...and before you all start schooling me, i know who the chef is)

    And, final note, I love eating at the bar at Verjus - and I might be biased because i just really like them. But, I think it's some of the best wine bar food that you can have with a fun glass of vino (you can also book into the restaurant upstairs, but I really dig eating in the bar downstairs because I can just order plate after plate of the chicken)

    hope that helps and hope you enjoy your visit!

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    1. re: forestcollins

      i know john T for 6 years- thanks for your input

      1. re: forestcollins

        "2. Rallonge (the new extension of Table d'Eugene)"

        Now THIS is news! Anything more you can tell us? In all events, many thanks.

        1. re: mangeur

          i can tell you that it's really tasty! I ate there a few nights after they opened and we were seven so got to taste a lot of the "tapas" The chef was coming to our table and helping with recs (and I can confirm that the cepe/truffle risotto is to die for) Also good: the pork, the duck, the croquettes. There is a fish/lentil dish that I'm not as crazy about. But also good: the charcuterie and cheese boards. The second time I went not as 100% good but still great. Virginie behind the bar is very adept at recommending wine to go with dishes. We were working on the more wallet-friendly range of wines...meaning we starting with the (I think?) cheapest which was a little chablis at 22 Euros. When she had an idea of what we were drinking, she recommended a few others in the same 20's price range for us the next night, which were all really great. They don't take reservations, but after they were open for a week or so, decided to for larger groups. It's bright, friendly, busy and if solo or two, i'd say sit at the bar. I don't normally enthuse so much about a new place, but I am doing so with them (and was really debating whether or not to do so because I had such a nice first experience I kind of wanted to keep it quiet) But, I do think they'll get the buzz whether or not I give it, so happy to share the news at this point.

          1. re: mangeur

            Thanks so much Forest; I must be blind; I've not seen it and my neighborhood spies haven't mentioned it, Wednesday (moving day, yuck) we'll all be at Eugene so I'll scope it and maybe try.

          2. re: forestcollins

            "2. Rallonge (the new extension of Table d'Eugene on rue Eugene Sue"
            Not bad;
            Good side - lottsa good stuff from charcuterie to rice pudding - reported in detail elsewhere.
            Bad side - no reservations unless you plead, only open at night and and 100% stool sitting.
            My rating - 6.0.

            1. re: John Talbott

              hi John, did you eat there recently? thoughts if so? thanks

              1. re: intrepid3591

                Yup Tuesday nite.
                6.0 La Rallonge, 16, rue Eugene Sue in the 18th,, open Tuesday-Saturday from 7 PM for small plates/Basque-Spain-esesque tapas has been open four weeks and already on a lazy/hazy Tuesday night is packed with a variety of locals and folks attracted by the food at the Mothership. Mostly Bobo's, it registered a 75.8 dB.

                  1. re: intrepid3591

                    It's an offshoot of the Table d'Eugene.

          3. Sorry - didn't mean to be telling you stuff that you might already know....just saw that it was a quiet thread, so was trying to give some input. :)

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            1. Back to your request -
              Three places that never disappoint me (in addition to Ze) are Repaire de Cartouche, Axuria and Les Jalles/Volney.

              1. While I think most on the board(especially, who have been active, lately) will point towards the mid-mid upper, casual places, if euros are truly no object, you should do some 3 starring. If a meal at every restaurant cost the same amount, I cannot believe Ledoyen, L'Ambroisie and the likes would not be one's choice, ever. Does not have to be a Mich 3 star but some of them are worthy of the praise. And you have 3 meals so I would do at least one of those, again, if price is not an issue. Personally, I would probably do two in the upper crusty tier of cost.
                I am stating this in terms of the quality of food, mostly. Perhaps you do not like the vibe or this or that but I think it absurd to skip this because the regulars favor what is more accessible, more regularly. Anyway, good luck with your selections.

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                1. re: dietndesire

                  thanks, we always do apicius and les bouquinestes on our trip, looking to fill in around it many thx

                  1. re: dietndesire

                    People (we) do not always suggest 3 star Michelin (or even 2*) restaurant because they are a _lot _more expensive than mid and upper mid restaurants. and if people have less than stellar experience at those places we feel bad about it.

                    And a lot of us when traveling for vacation do not want to have the burden of bringing more fancy clothing that those places need.