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Dec 27, 2012 06:28 PM

Lunch in the Bridgewater area?

My son has a hockey game in Bridgewater on Sunday and as luck will have I can make it too as can some other family members. I do not know this area at all. Any good food in a half hour radius? Longer is OK if it's heading back towards the Hingham area.

Ideally would love some good Pho/Vietnamese but honestly anything is good-pizza, burgers, pub food, etc.

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  1. I would recommend The Chatter Box in Bridgewater.

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    1. re: jomo9501

      What do you recommend about it? From the website it looks like the offer a wide array of asian food. Any must try dishes?

    2. When I think if BridgewaterI think Route 24. Near 24 in Randolph is Pho So 1 Boston-in the plaza at Shaws Supermarket off 139. VERY good pho. Love the Vietnamese salad, too.

      They have a couple of large round tables--good for families.

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      1. re: SeaSide Tomato

        We love that place and I suggested it to my husband because then his brother might join us too but he thought it was too far for those people coming from the south-Marshfield and Hingham. Do you have any idea about how long it will take to get there from downtown Bridgewater?

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          I also love that place. It will probably take you 30 minutes from the rink to Randolph.

          Re;Chatter Box. I have most of the sushi items, which were quite good. I have several dishes on the menu - all good, but not what I would call "must-haves"

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            Will have to sell the time table to get to Pho So 1 but will also forwards Chattabox link and see what everyone says.

            thank you!!

      2. Had dinner at el mariachi a few weeks back. On 138 north side near stonehill college.

        1. The snow put a damper of a few of the relatives travel plans so we ended up a smaller group that anticipated. :(

          The original plan was to give the Chatta Box a try but after observing some of the less than friendly parents of the opposing team (the kind you often see on the evening news) we opted to leave town instead and go to our favorite mentioned here- Pho So 1 in Randolph. Never a disappointment.

          We all shared the pork and shrimp fresh rolls and the sour ground pork rolls. The fresh rolls had lots of mint, which I love as well as some thai basil. The egg rolls were small, thin cylinders and were extra crispy. We should have had three orders since we were all fighting over them.

          The kids shared the shrimp cakes and big plate of chicken fried rice. My son usually goes for the steak and tripe Pho but went with the popular vote. We have never had theirs before and it was light, with lots of chicken and egg, no veggies. It tasted surprisingly of butter. The kids loved it, I thought it was almost too rich.

          My husband and I both had beef Bun and the other adults all had some version of Pho. The brisket and the tendon appeared to be the winners. We all shared the crispy squid. It was fried just enough to be crispy w/o the squid being over done.

          The adults were way to full after that meal but the kids managed to put away some bean pudding and share a couple of pearl smoothies.

          We all waddled back the car happy!!

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          1. re: foodieX2

            Glad everything worked out. Thanks for the review.