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Dec 27, 2012 05:39 PM

El Gusano is at 1015 Clay now in Oakland, looks like it's almost open

Tatuyo Tequila N Tapas Lounge is no more.

Behold: El Gusano! It looks like it'll have tequila and mezcal, and will be a restaurant / taqueria! (At least, that's exactly what it says on the window.)

What kind of Mexican food will it be? Delicious? Same-same? Local? Organic?

The interior looks like it has lots of "reclaimed wood".

As a taqueria it will be difficult to compete with Olé Olé Burrito Express. As a casual dining spot it will be impossible to compete with Cosecha. This one will have booze. It may serve lots of super drunk club people in it at 11:30pm veering in from the club-clubs... if it's open that late.

I am excited to try it out.

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  1. Oh look, Eater ripped off my photo from this post! My day just got more fun than it was 30 minutes ago.

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      Yes, Eater is notorious for that. I know several photo owners who have complaints. But in this case, you might check to see if granted rights since the image was uploaded here.

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        I just want to be lavished with attention.

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          While we reserve the right to use content here on, we don't grant it to other publications because we can't. The copyright belongs to the content producer. This does mean we're also not able to assist in copyright violation situations, but there was no consent given from us, if that helps.

      2. El Gusano opened on the 7th.
        menu isn't visible. it's in the water bucket before the steam table.

        ordering process isn't specified. too low class to have signs?
        -order with one of latinas behind counter, pay at cashier, and food brought to table.
        -ceviche (6ish) and enchilada (3.95) just average.
        -comped chips (thin and crunchy) fab.
        -nice ambience, courteous service.
        -food tasted fresh, nongreasy.
        -add a few tequilas and one forgets food was average.