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Dec 27, 2012 05:23 PM

new meat grinder. where should i attach it?

hello everyone. my lovely sister bought my a great hand meat grinder for christmas. all cast iron. its awesome. however this one doesnt just clamp down to your counter, it has 4 legs and needs to be bolted down. problem is, i rent. so my landlord doesnt exactly want me drillling holes in the counter top, and i dont particularly want to drill holes in the kitchen table. what do you recommend?

i would really like to get a nice butcher block table, and mount it to that, however im a broke college student, so i dont have a budget. should i just bolt it down to some wood, then clamp the wood to the counter when i need it? thanks.

also, if it helps, this is the meat grinder.

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  1. Sounds like you answered your own question, good job!

    Seriously, do that. Use a board, then C-clamp it down when you need it.

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      haha, well ok. thanks. i was hoping maybe someone had a better looking idea. but i guess it is pretty much my only option!!

    2. Yo, charles, we meet again!
      I have the same type of hand-crank which outlasted 3 electric grinders.
      In my case, I had an extra table stand like this
      so I bought a piece of arborite counter-top and made the grinder-dedicated table-top. Traced out the grinder foot holes and drilled them. I picked up 4 machine screws
      with washers and lock washers and attach the grinder with these. I remove the grinder for clean-up and storage.

      I'd suggest going with an arborite-topped board (or other type of laminate) to make clean-up and sanitation easier.
      I'd also suggest to get the board large enough to get at least 3 (4 would be better) C-clamps on it and your table. Grinding straight meat isn't so bad, but if you start grinding skin or gristle, the forces can be pretty high.
      I'd suggest the machine screws (bolts) over wood-screws as well - very secure and always re-usable.

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      1. re: porker

        hey porker!! thanks again for the help. im glad to hear its a good grinder. i specifically wanted a hand-crank because everything electric eventual dies!! and usually isnt worth fixing. (i work in a tv repair shop, and sadly, most new tvs arent always worth fixing. just the nature of the beast i guess.)

        i do alot of remodelling work with a friend of mine, im hoping he will have an extra peice of counter top or something i can use. thats a great idea. thanks alot again!!!!!!

        1. re: charles_sills

          TV repair? How tough is it to troubleshoot a 42" LG plasma that has pixilated images? A friend gave me one, and I need to determine which board is bad. Any tech manuals/guides that you can direct me to?

          I won't wear my Hobart meat grinder out any time soon. I have attachments that will fit my Hobart A-120 mixer, 14" Hobart buffalo chopper, and the Hobart power unit I have. I love auctions, and CRaigslist =)

          1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

            plasmas are usually trouble, my friend. often when one board shorts, it will take out another board.
            im sure you have checked already, but if you brought it in first thing we have to check is to make sure its not your cable box causing the problem. often times with plasmas, picture problems are caused by the y and z sustain boards. however, with it being just pixelated im not sure.

            at the shop, we have a computer set up with all the tech manuals we use. we are certified repair shop for alot of brands, sadly LG isnt one of them. but we usually are able to find others we need with a google search of "make and model name" tech manual.

            1. re: charles_sills

              Thanks for the info. I know plasmas are not that great , but I figured if I could get it going I could convert it into a nice dinner via Craigslist haha! My friend had had it repaired once before, and just didn't want to mess with it again.

              The pic was missing on most of the screen, and what was left was really pixilated. Hate to say it, but probably not worth the effort. Hmmmm, now, how to upcycle that pig? Already got some ideas.

      2. If you want it to look pretty you can get a sink cutout of Corian, or even granite to mount it to.

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        1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

          I was gonna say find a cutting board on sale but this is a better idea!

        2. Hi, Charles:

          It looks like the feet have enough top-horizontal surface to take a C-clamp. Hint: shim the feet so you don't lose your damage deposit.