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Dec 27, 2012 05:01 PM

iso tasty low carb snacks...

i know it's a bit of a vague question....but where could one go for a bite that would be quick, potentially take out, relatively healthy and low carb...i can't think of anything other than maybe a shawarma salad (no pita) and sashimi...and oh yeah...relatively cheap would be nice...what's out there?

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  1. depends on what version of low-carb you're doing, but here are some ideas...
    - Cheese
    - Jerky
    - Veggies & Dip
    - Eggs (most grocery stores have the ready-to-eat ones
    - Nuts (Blue Diamond Almonds come in single serving bags)

    If my own experience (6 years and counting) is any indicator, you probably won't be hungry between meals, the protein & fat combination keeps you satiated much longer. Just make sure to eat enough.

      1. It is hard to find fast prepared/restaurant meals that work, (I find most sit-down restaurants very accommodating of polite requests) but here are a few I've found:
        -Great Burger Kitchen will do their burgers wrapped in iceberg lettuce rather than buns
        -the food court in The Grange (McCaul and Dundas) has Helena's Magic Kitchen at the north end which does roast chicken with great vegetable sides. There's also a place at the south end (can't think of the name) where you pick a protein (short ribs, salmon, chicken, etc) and then a range of salads
        -Fusia Dog on Duncan at Queen does a great power coleslaw filled with delicious things that I order with added chicken
        -Leslieville Cheese is selling a good beef jerky
        -Whole Foods has great prepared foods sold by weight which, while not cheap exactly, offer tasty options
        -So many places do salads with various proteins, that you can get kinda sick of it, but it does do in a pinch
        Generally I find lots of places are fine with you ordering sandwiches without the bread. Not as easy to eat on-the-go, but adds some variety to the day.

        1. Feel Good Guru on Queen West (across from Trinity Bellwoods) does wrap sandwiches wrapped in collard greens instead of bread.

          I'm pretty sure the vegan place in the St. Lawrence Market does sushi using "cauliflower rice" - basically just chopped and seasoned cauliflower.

          1. Greek salad with chicken, or salad with souvlaki sticks on the side. Tabbouleh with chicken. Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka. Har gow, beef balls, siu mai. Yakitori.