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Dec 27, 2012 04:43 PM

Buddha's hand citrus

Could someone please let me know how to use and store Buddha's hand citrus?

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  1. Just slice and eat it raw, or zest it and use it anywhere that you would lemon zest.

    Storage? Just leave it on the counter. It scares away the evil spirits that make you cook bad tasting food ...

    1. I've never done it, but understand that it's frequently candied just as you would other citrus peels.

      1. I candied my own citron this year and used a Buddha's hand citron. The result was much tastier than the candied citron you can buy in stores.

        I used the citron and some chopped pecans in the Christmas ricotta pie. Delicious.

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        1. IF that shows up at favorite little Asian market... will ask what to do with it and BUY it!

          1. If you like flavored vodka, it infuses beautifully. Cut into PAPER THIN slices. Buddhas Hand is all pith, no juice. Put in 1 liter canning jars, about 1/3 to 1/2 half a sliced buddhas hand in each. Fill with vodka, seal, and put away for a Year! Or more. I did this and forgot about it. Two years later I tried it. It was a very pale gold, almost clear, hardly any color transfer, but a beautiful, aromatic and floral citrus aroma and flavor. The BEST vodka infusion I have ever had, and I am a distiller and do this for a living. So good that at parties I just shake it on ice, and strain into glasses for folks to sip.

            It also makes a great marmalade if mixed with other citrus, especially blood orange and bitter orange.

            I haven't tried it but I am sure with a little ingenuity you could make a great tart with it by partially candying it first.

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              Ooooo - infused vodka sounds wonderful! I saw a few Buddha's hands in the market today, but passed them by because they were huge and expensive. I might have to go back so I can start my infusion.

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                damn I saw some today at a store I can rarely get to. (stupid, stupid, stupid)