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Dec 27, 2012 04:37 PM

Sunday Lunch Recommendation: Traveling Through SC To Pawleys Island...

...will be traveling through/near Bennettsville, Marion, Conway. Are there any notable places near that route (don't mind veering off course) that would be good for lunch?

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  1. I have no personal experience, but Crady's in Conway is reputed to be good. FYI, they close at 2:30 on Sunday.

    1. If you can wait till you get to Pawley's Island, I recommend Perrone. It is right on 17. If you can't wait Murrells Inlet has lots of great spots. I recently went to the Hot Fish Club. It was great. Surfside has a great place for pizza and Italian dishes located right on Surfside Drive. It's called Surfside Beach Pizza. It doesn't sound like much but the food is really good.

      1. I like Hot Fish, love Chive Blossom in Pawley's.

        If you want a special treat and can veer off your route, go to Scott's in Hemingway: