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Dec 27, 2012 04:35 PM

Fresh Pasta sheets for Lasagna

Do I have to boil the pasta, or can I layer them in uncooked. Going to freeze and cook the lasagna in a few days. (RV trip)

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  1. Layer them uncooked. The moisture in the other ingredients will make them soft and perfectly toothsome after the lasagna is cooked.

    1. Some do, some don't. I'm in the do camp because Marcella Hazan says so and I believe anything Marcella says.

      She says to cook 4 or 5 strips at a time in lightly salted water for just seconds after the water returns to a boil. Scoop out the pasta, plunge the strips into cold water, and rinse them one at a time under cold running water. Squeeze each strip dry very gently and spread it on a towel to dry.

      Many people feel this is more of a megillah than necessary, but I've always done it, whether I'm going to freeze the lasagne before cooking or not, and I think it makes the best lasagna possible.

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      1. re: JoanN

        That's what I do, too--and also because Marcella says to.

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          I have made dozens and dozens of lasagnas without pre-cooking fresh pasta for more years than I would like to count, and long before Marcella came into my life. I have made them and froze them and I have made them and refrigerated and then cooked. She can say what she will, but I wouldn't ever change it since I find the results to be perfect. Fresh pasta is very easy to overcook and turn into mush, so I would never pre-cook it despite what she says! And homemade fresh pasta is even more delicate!

        2. I have done it both ways, and find the texture when they are uncooked to be slightly gummy, noticeable enough that I always cook them, but just for a minute.

          1. Thank you very much... I chose to go uncooked but very saucy.. we shall see..

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            1. re: Coribdx

              They will be thoroughly cooked; the texture may just be off a bit.

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                I think you will find it to be perfect, particularly with a saucy lasagna!

              2. I find pre-cooked pasta to come out to mushy - I like the firmer more al dente texture that uncooked gives you. But I also use very thin lasagna sheets when I make mine.