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Dec 27, 2012 02:28 PM

Restaurants for a museum day?

I know this is crazy short notice, but a friend and I care coming to Philadelphia for a museum day tomorrow, and are looking for restaurants to complement our culture. So ideally we'd like something near the University Musuem (3260 South St) for lunch, and something near the Barnes Foundation (2025 Benjamin Franklin Blvd) for dinner.

We're both pretty open to all kinds of food, though she's more concerned about eating healthy than I am, and we're not looking for anything crazy fancy. We do have a car (and GPS) but don't know Philly very well.

Thanks very much in advance!

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  1. For lunch I'd head to either Han Dynasty in University City (37th and Market) or just over the South Street bridge to Grace Tavern (23rd and South).

    For dinner, you're not far from the Rittenhouse Square area, where there are quite a few very good restaurants. I don't know what you'd consider "crazy fancy" but I'd recommend the Dandelion for English pub beers and food. A bit more upscale but still not "crazy fancy" by my definition would be Vernick (definitely the best restaurant in that area),, and Zama (sushi). Osteria is also not far from the Barnes and is great. Of course, like you said, this is short notice, so some of these places may be unavailable.

    1. Jg Domestic is a Garces restaurant in the Cirra center In University city. Calaca Feliz is a great Mexican restaurant very close to the Barnes.

      Are you going to have a car or come via train? Is there any particular type of food you are looking for?

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      1. Thanks to both of you! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to any of these recommendations, despite best-laid plans. For lunch, we were going to try Calaca Feliz, especially as we were in the mood for Mexican. However, it doesn’t open until 4pm. Our smart phone was being stupid, so we decided to stay right there. Our first second choice was Zorba’s across the street, but it was closed this week! So we ended up at London Bar & Grill on the corner. Pub food was okay, service was friendly but very slow. Wouldn’t go out of my way to return there. The plan was to go back to CF for dinner, but we didn’t read the signs right and our car was towed while we were at the Barnes! A friend of my friend lives in the neighborhood, so he made the ride down to the impoundment lot in South Philly (near the Ikea). His Mexican idea was Tamalex on 9th St. (I think it used to be La Lupa.) I would go out of my way to return there! Very low-key, no-frills, converted garage by the look of the windows. But all the food was outstanding!!! Great spicy – and free – salsa with chips. And nice, prompt service. BYOB. Very inexpensive, which we really appreciated after our bill to the PPA!

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          So sorry for your loss to the PPA! Shame you didn't turn the other direction when leaving La Calaca's door - The Bishop's Collar would have been a better alternative than the London.