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Dec 27, 2012 02:05 PM

How long can a 2008 bottle of Siclia red wine, screw top keep??

I was given as a gift a bottle of the: Inycon estate, 2008, limited edition, Cabernet Sauvignon, red. My wife want s to keep it for a special occasion!! we have had differences in opinion, and i believe the "sheft life" will be shorter than she expects... Can anyone help??

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  1. New Year is a special occasion. I would not think this is a wine made for long term aging . This wine sells for under $9 a bottle in Europe. I would drink sooner rather than later.

    The Winedoctor, an online wine reviwer and commenter said the following about this wine: Under screwcap. Less concentration here. [than a Nero D'Avola reviewed at same time] The nose carries some berry fruit aromas with a sweet, slightly confected edge. It seems a touch burnt and charcoaly too. Gently textured on the palate, fairly sweet in style, at the front it seems nicely composed, fairly gentle and restrained, but towards the finish it becomes less well appointed, and displays a lot of raw heat and spiky texture.

    1. My 2ยข.................... you don't say how long your wine wants to keep this wine, but I'd think that on it's side, out of the light, it would be fine for a few years.

      I'm always interested in discovering new wines so I tried some intensive Googling and was unable to find anything specific to your description. The closest I came was Inycon Estate 2008 President's Selection, from Italy, but couldn't tell about the closure. They also make a Grower's Selection Cab that I could tell has a screwcap, but neither specifics "limited edition". Can't agree or disagree with FrankJBN's price info, but I just don't see why you'd need to drink it right away. "Siclia" is not a name that came up anywhere, though I did find a Vega SicIlia winery, in Spain. "Sicilia", of course, is Italian for Sicily, so it's most likely that winery at least.

      1. This is a Sicilian red wine produced by mixing many different growers' grapes, and one that was made not to last, but to be drunk rather quickly. It's more like a pizza wine -- meant to be drunk any day -- than a special occasion wine. So go ahead and drink it now. It wasn't grown or made so well in the first place, so it's best not to have high hopes of its quality. Enjoy another (better) wine for a special occasion.

        Here's the link to FrankJBN's quote in the first reply:

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          Now that I think about it, this wine is already 4 years old, so .................Cheers!!!!