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Dec 27, 2012 01:12 PM

Keurig Question

I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but here goes:

I got a Mr Coffee coffee maker that brews the K-Cups. How many cups of coffee can I get off one K-Cup? I'll brew one cup and when I pull out the K-Cup, theres still a lot of ground coffe in there. But when I try and brew a second cup with the same K-Cup, it loses the flavor. It just seems like im wasting the rest of the coffee in the K-Cup. Is it straight one K-Cup for one cup of coffee? Do I need to use 2 K-Cups if I want to fill my 16oz travel mug?

Any info would be greatly appreciated....

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  1. Unfotunately it's one K-cup per cup of coffee, so it's a high priced convenience. I did see where they are now offering a refillable one.

    1. There will be the same amount of ground coffee in there if you use it once or 100 times. You're extracting the flavors and oils from the grounds, they don't dissolve.

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        Exactly... K-cups are filled with ground coffee, not instant coffee.

      2. This company sells K-cup compatible capsules at a much better price than the K-cups, and it's great coffee.

        The K-cup patent expired in September so you're likely going to see more competition on price in the future.

        1. They're ONE cup things. SIL swears by hers, but I think it tastes a bit instanty?? Said I should get one... coffee for one and all that. Coffee maker I have probably takes up LESS space that the K-thing she has. Sister bought husband one... she doesn't drink coffee and he likes it just fine. K does make a cup you can fill with your own grind... costs something like $15-20, but is reusable.

          1. My daughter uses a 16 oz travel mug. She buys the boldest blend she can find (Often Emeril's extra bold?) and runs the Keurig twice through the K-Cup using the medium size setting and is very haoppy with the results: 16 oz mug of a medium blend coffee.

            I have also found that it varies greatly based on which brand and blend of coffee one buys. Some of the cheaper or milder blends make a medium setting cup, but are too weak to make a satiosfactory large cup. Other blends such as Timothy's Columbian, I can run once on large and a second time on small to make a good tasting mug.

            I have a Keurig B60 machine that is 3-4 years old

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              Your daughter found a solution that works for her and her 16 oz mug. But for me, this points up an ongoing down side to the whole Keurig fad- one little pack of ingredients is the same raw material whether it goes into a 6 oz standard tea-cup sized cup of coffee, or an over-sized ceramic mug or her 16 oz travel cup. My over-sized mug is destined to have a weaker result in it, unless I fiddle and fiddle with stronger coffees the way your daughter did.
              "Some of the...blends... are too weak to make a satisfactory large cup." Well said, bagelman. I have read everyone's posts (also, on a similar thread a few months ago), have tried some K-cup-made coffee at friend's homes, and for all of it, I can see no advantage. But the appliance certainly has its fans.

              1. re: Florida Hound

                reading your reply, while drinking a cup of Van Houtte French Vanilla made in my Keurig (yes, I'm in the office today getting a filing ready that must be in court before 2012 ends). I love the Van Houtte coffees from Canada, but get ill from the Green Mountain brand (too much acid).
                Last night there were 8 at my conference table working on an appeal. 6 different varieties were consumed. I'd hate to have to brew multiple posts, and it certainly was less expensive than take out.
                There is a time and place for Keurigs, they don't make sense for everyone. I am the only coffee drinker living full time in our home. Older daughter is away 70% of the time, so it makes sense for me. When we entertain, I brew a large Farberware urn of coffee, and use the Keurig for special requests, such as MIL's dark roast extra bold decaf.

                1. re: Florida Hound

                  Can't you just run 8 ounces of water using one k-cup, change out the k-cup for a new one, and then run another 8 ounces? It use two k-cups, but wouldn't you normally use more coffee to make 16 ounces of coffee anyway?

                  I agree that Keurig is not for everyone, but this is an option, it seems.

                  1. re: Cachetes

                    Yes. That's what I do for my travel mug.