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Dec 27, 2012 01:13 PM

Solo Providence Bar Eats on a Friday

I'm heading into Providence for a solo dinner tomorrow night on my way to pick up my wife at PVD. Where is the best place to sit solo at the bar? I'm thinking Farmstead, Broadway Bistro, or Chez Pascal, but haven't been to any of them. Will I be able to get a seat at 6PM or so and eat comfortably at any / all? Other suggestions? Last time I had this situation, I ate at Nick's and enjoyed it, but want to try somewhere new.

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  1. Broadway Bistro recently expanded and now has 2 separate bars, so you might stand a good chance of getting a seat. Excellent food. Nicks and Farmstead you would have a tougher time finding a seat, I think. Nicks because they get lots of reservations and Farmstead/La Laiterie because the bar is small and the restaurant popular. For more of a local, dive bar type of experience, I'd recommend The Ivy on Hope Street in Providence. Great burger, super bartender.

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      Thanks for the Broadway Bistro suggestion. That's where I went. It was practically empty at 6PM, but all bar seats were full by 7PM for future reference. I'll check out the Dorrance next time, and skip the now finis Tini (well written Bob W).

    2. The Dorrance is a great place to grab a drink and a few small things at the bar!

      1. TINI is one of my favorites. It is a 19 seat, horseshoe shaped tapas bar. One or two bartenders stand in the middle, make your drinks, chat you up (which they CAN do because with only 19 seats, it cannot really become chaotic for them), make suggestions, answer your questions, and take your order. TINI is right across the street from Trinity Square theatre. People talk to those on either side of them. The menu is on the big screen scrolling monitor...they have two of them, so, you can read the menu easily from where you are sitting. Oh, and the food is really good.

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            Yes, Tini is finis. The chef left and George and Joanne didn't have anyone else to run the place so they just shut it down.

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              I have never heard of some one leaving a place and cant be replaced. I was told it was more like NO business not with 20 seats

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                That's not true, while they weren't making a killing, they did do brisk business, especially with the theatre. The way the kitchen structure works at both tini and al forno, I'm not surprised that they shut it down when Darius left. Especially considering is George and johanne