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Dec 27, 2012 12:53 PM

Mushroom Chips...Whooda Thunk It?

Santa brought me a package of these Mushroom Chips:

These are even more addicting than the veggie chips they sell. Whooda thunk you could make mushrooms into a crispy, crunchy snack. The only problem is they evaporate once the package is opened.

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  1. Crispy mushrooms. What a great idea! I pulverize dried shrooms and make delicious blends but have not tried to make chips out of them. I am a mushroom fanatic! Will try to make my own as I am very, very curious.

    Santa was very good to you! :)

    1. Umami overload! I'd love those.

      A friend made us the Spanish tapa, mushrooms (setas) al ajillo (mushrooms fried with lots of garlic) They are fairly thick-cut, and sautéed in a very hot cast-iron skillet with quite a bit of olive oil. The point is to make the mushrooms brown and crisp instead of yielding up a lot of liquid and melding into a sauce as won often wants mushrooms to do. Add quite a bit of garlic (to taste). Yum.