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Anniversary lunch, South Bay

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Hi everyone
I am hoping for some guidance in finding a place in the South Bay, for an anniversary lunch on New Years eve (we would consider an early dinner if there are dinner-only places that may be worthwhile).
It would help if the place was vegetarian friendly. Budget is not an issue. We are looking more for a good meal in a pleasant setting, than a blockbuster restaurant - we like, but don't require a 'romantic' ambience (good food shared together is usually all the romance we need). We also have no specific cuisine preference. We will be visiting from San Diego - our ethnic food scene (aside from Mexican and some Asian) is not the strongest.
Based on preliminary browsing, I am considering Rangoon Ruby in Palo Alto, but am open to options. Given the date, and the fact that our trip was planned at the last minute, I am aware that some places may not have room at this point but we'll do the best we can.

Many thanks, in advance.

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  1. My choices if it were my anniversary lunch, call to see if they are open:

    Alexander's Steakhouse
    10330 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino

    Sushi Tomi
    635 W. Dana St, Mtn View