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Dec 27, 2012 11:42 AM

What are the chances of success?

Making a basic loaf of white bread in my bread machine. This is day two still in my jammies so there was no running out to the store. I needed 4 1/4 cups of bread flour but only had 3 on hand so I used whole wheat for the rest. I had no wheat gluten on hand either.

So far its on it second rise and is not nearly as high as usual. Is this destined to be bread crumbs?

(and yes I know I will have the answer myself in just another hour or so but thought some experienced bakers might give me a heads up!)

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  1. No experienced baker here...but if it flops....stale it real good and make bread puddin.


    1. It will be ok, just a little denser than normal.

      1. It came out fantastic! Almost tastes like a nice honey wheat even tho there was no honey in it. Having a piece toasted with butter right now.