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Dec 27, 2012 11:38 AM

Birthday drinks this Saturday night

Trying to find a good spot to celebrate my friend's 33rd birthday Saturday night, preferably in Minneapolis. I think there will be about 6 of us women, looking for a comfortable, intimate bar/lounge to hang out later in the evening and have some cocktails and maybe a few small plates . Ideally this would be someplace classy, but not super crowded or expensive. I like the idea of the Marvel bar but guess it would be crowded and probably more than we'd want to pay. Maybe Honey? An intimate wine bar would probably work too. Anyone have a favorite spot? Thanks!

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  1. It might not be as fancy as what you are looking for, but Jasmine 26 does reasonably priced creative cocktails, and they are never busy.

    1. The lounge at La Belle Vie. I don't think it's really much more expensive than other lounge-type spots (could be wrong of course), and the drinks and setting and food are top-notch. I could make a meal out of just their fries. Or potato chips. Or lamb burgers. Or most of the rest of the bar menu.

      1. One idea would be Eat Street Social. For 6 people, you would probably want to make reservations (they have nice big booths next to the bar that would be perfect for a group of that size). I think they make some of the best cocktails in Minneapolis. The food is decent - some things are really good/others sound better in theory than in actuality, but if cocktails are the main goal it would be a good choice.

        I like the lounge at La Belle Vie also. Drinks are a few dollars more each at La Belle Vie than Eat Street Social (but I feel like they are a tiny bit bigger too). I like the food better at La Belle Vie and would say the drinks are comparable in quality.

        1. I don't know if it will be too crowded or not, but Bradstreet Crafthouse meets what you are looking for.

          1. WA Frost, downstairs lounge.