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Dec 27, 2012 11:20 AM

Olema Inn reopening

The Chron reports they're open this week, then will close and reopen for good on Valentine's Day. Also says they hope to begin rebuilding Manka's this year.

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  1. Does anyone know if the restaurant has reopened as planned and, if so, any feedback on the food/atmosphere? I will be in Pt. Reyes next week for 2 nights and am looking for a second restaurant to add to our one anniversary dinner at Osteria Stellina. Would be content to return to the Station House if necessary, yet have been there many times and long for something new. Anything else to consider, sans oysters?

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    1. re: buoncibo

      Last report they were hoping to open last month, you might give them a call:

    2. Tasting Table's Jonathan Kauffman reports they're open for dinner Thurs.-Sun.:

      1. We've been there a few times in recent weeks and will start a new thread. The restaurant is now called 'Sir and Star at The Olema' and they have just listed with OpenTable. Check out the fireplace.

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        1. re: Kayde

          They're doing their old prix-fixe on Saturdays, $75. At Manka's that was one of the best values in the Bay Area.

          Sir & Star = corner of Sir Francis Drake and Star Route One

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yes, that is exactly the origin of the name. As well as a desire to mark that this is not a continuation of the old Olema Inn.

            The Saturday prix-fixe is new. The original idea was for the Olema spot to be more of a roadhouse - an a la carte menu with lower prices than Manka's and more of a casual drop-in place, but with great food and drink. And the roadhouse is still the main idea, but after opening they found that fans of the old Manka's still want them to provide that special lingering dinner. And so they decided to offer that option (as well as the a la carte) on Saturdays only.

            One night last week, having dinner at the table near the fireplace were the 2 fisherman who had brought in crab that very day, despite terrible winds. And they were still wearing their boots. That's just one of the things I always liked about Manka's.

            1. re: Kayde

              Per the web site the dining room is prix-fixe only on Saturday. The prix-fixe is new for this place but I meant old in the sense that it's what they used to do at Manka's.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I know what you meant.
                The web site says : "Saturday night we only accept reservations for our chef’s meal in the dining room, priced at $75 per person, a lingering meal of several courses. But feel free to drop in for small plates served by the fire.'

                In this setting, that means that on Saturday only the large main dining room will be set aside for prix-fixe with reservations, but there are still 3 front rooms for drop-ins who order off the a la carte menu. And that's going to be important. The times we were there on weekend nights a good proportion of people looked like they dropped by after spending the day nearby on the trails.

          2. re: Kayde

            I live very near and am looking forward to trying it, but dang is that menu obnoxious. Was it written by a Hobbit?

            1. re: mandylou81

              I was initially put off by the purple menu prose at Manka's, but I'll cut chefs a lot of slack when the food's that good.


              1. re: mandylou81

                A Hobbit? Certainly not - that would be Margaret. I think of it as whimsical and part of the fun, but, if you don't like it, don't let that get in your way. This is some of the best food around, and a bargain at that.

            2. We were able to go a few times in April, and by the last time it had become Sir and Star. The opening observations are here: