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Dec 27, 2012 11:16 AM

Nish Nush, felafel in Tribeca

I just checked out Nish Nush, at the corner of Church Street and Reade. I don't know when it opened, but it seems to be new. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the felafel I ordered was. I'm normally not a huge felafel fan, but I ordered their "red hot chili", a spicy felafel. This was not light-hearted spiciness - it had a kick, but it was delicious and flavorful, stuffed in a fluffy pita with Israeli salad and some nice hummus. There are other items on the menu that look interesting, so I definitely recommend checking this place out.

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  1. I'll check it out, there was a falafel place on the East side of Church near Reade, that was Ok but not great. But it had a different name. On the corner of Church and Reade on the West side of the street was Mike's Papaya, next to Pakistani Tea House.. I'll look tomorrow and see where Nish Nush is.

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      >there was a falafel place on the East side of Church near Reade

      Baba Ghanouge - still there, no? I haven't been ...

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        Still there, at least as of two-ish weeks ago. It's a bit better than the $2.50 falafel places, like D-lish.

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          Baba Ghanouj is still there as of today. I had a falafel and it was not bad. Then went across to Nish Nush for a more hearty falafel. I got falafel deluxe ( 3 different flavor falafel balls) It ws very good. The hummus at Nish Nush, I will repeat, is absolutely outstanding. The pea soup is also excellent although not too thick. They serve tea like most people in Israel drink, with fresh mint leaves. The place is run by Yemenite Jews. In Israel Yeminite Jews and Arabs make the best falafel. The Ashkenazi places in Queens , Brooklyn in israel make terrible falafel.

      2. Thanks for the review. I just noticed this place yesterday, and it did look intriguing.

        Did the pita taste fresh? I got excited by that one new place on 6th ave. whre they're baking pita fresh in the window, and even that tasted like cardboard, with less flavor. Good pita is key.

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          Nish Nush is where I thought it was , in Mike's Papaya's old location. The owner's are Israeli, and very friendly. The falafel is at least double the size of Mamoun's falafel. The falafel had good flavor and were fresh. Many falafel places in Queens have the falafel balls sitting around getting old. The pita was decent, not amazing but fresh. Overall it was a good falafel and i'm sure I will be a regular at that place. The hummus is excellent. I mean very excellent. I got an order of hummus, i'm not speaking of the hummus on the falafel but a plate of it drizzled with olive oil. I did not have the spicy chili falafel like the OP, i had the classic, which comes with hummus and salad on the pita. A good find.

        2. I really loved this place - good place to grab quick lunch.

          1. I was just here this weekend and also thought it was a great new addition to the neighborhood.

            Falafel, which seemed to be made for each order, was warm and crispy. Good quality pita bread. The sandwiches were also quite large--only wanted soup by time dinner came around.

            Also try the cauliflower side. It seemed to be deep fried and was covered in tahini, and the result was completely delicious.

            1. I went to Nish Nush tonight and got a Falafel Trio platter.

              The quick version is, it was great. All 3 types of falafel (traditional, spicy and one with mushrooms and something else I forget) were delicious, perhaps the best I've had in Manhattan, and excellently cooked so that they were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The hummus and tahini were pleasantly smoky, the red cabbage slaw was great, the white cabbage slaw was also nice, the schug tasted good but could have had less green pepper taste, the Israeli salad used low-quality tomatoes that were a bit mealy but tasted good. My only real criticism of the platter is that some of their lettuce was too old. But overall, it was delicious and I strongly recommend it.

              Just don't get their baklava. I thought that such a good meal deserved a dessert, but the baklava was weird and tasted very strongly of salt, something I'd never experienced before and hope never to experience again. :-)

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              1. re: Pan

                Glad you enjoyed it! I'm a huge fan of theirs. Somehow they layer the falafel pita so each bite has the pickles/veggies/hummus/etc in perfect proportion! I actually have never had their baklava, wonder if that was an odd batch or the norm.... I always end up with a hummus to go in addition to my meal. Their lentil soup is really good too, but not very appealing in the summer

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  I don't see how they could get a batch that's that salty just by mistake. I would really suggest you never try their baklava. But if the place were in my neighborhood, I'd definitely patronize it fairly frequently.