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Dec 27, 2012 10:51 AM

I-95 Del/MD

I am going to Baltimore tomorrow and want to have breakfast on the way down from NJ. I was thinking someplace in Delaware or northern Maryland. But hopefully at a little mom and pop place and NOT a Denny's or IHOP type place. I want one of those places you see on TV food shows. A place where I will want to stop time and time again. We all have a place like that we know..... I just don't know of one in that area. Somebody point me in the right direction. Thanks

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  1. Lucky's Coffee Shop and the Corner Bistro in north Wilmington are our usual breakfast spots, but we're pretty lazy when it comes to breakfast and usually won't travel far for it.

    Fresh Thymes in the Trolley Square neighborhood of Wilmington also good. If you are looking to travel a little farther before breakfast, I have heard good things about the Over Easy Cafe in Newark but have not personally tried.