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Dec 27, 2012 10:40 AM

Eggplant and pork hotpot at the former Jasmine Place, Nashua

When I worked on Amherst St., my coworkers and I would often go to the Jasmine Place on W. Pearl St (closed and now Thousand Crane II). My Chinese-speaking coworker would always order us an eggplant and pork dish that wasn't on the menu. It arrived in a large clay pot with minced (ground?) pork on the bottom (and did not include tofu). I can't describe it in much more detail, but it had a flavor I still crave. I've Googled and looked at other restaurants and recipes, and really don't know what this is called or if I can find it anywhere else locally. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. Sorry I can't be of any help regarding the specifics of the dish, but have you attempted to track down your former co-worker? If you are able to do that, perhaps he would translate it for you (even in spoken form in an audio file) so you could take it to some Chinese restaurants to see what they might be able to do with it.

    Just a thought, and good luck!

    1. Is this about what you remember? (site is in chinese, but the pictures are pretty good)

      if so, "Claypot Eggplant" would be the standard translation, although restaurant menus often use less than standard translations. In Chinese: 砂锅茄子 is the usual name, but again there are other ways of describing the dish. I can't think of anyplace locally that has it on the menu, but I rarely go out for Chinese food in the Nashua area. You are most likely to find it at a Cantonese restaurant that offers casserole or claypot dishes. Someone on the Boston board would know if there is any place in Boston that offers this.

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        Thanks to you both. Dave B, about a minute after I posted, I thought, "Why don't I just send her (my former co-worker) an email? That was dumb." I decided to leave the post up anyway in case anyone had an idea or had tried the dish. It's always the simple answers that escape me...

        Qianning, thanks for that link and the name of the dish! I can't remember how the eggplant was sliced, and I think there was less broth, but really, my memory is failing--and that looks delicious in any case. I'll report back after I get the answer.

        Thanks again, both!

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          Looking forward to your report. Like any dish there are many versions of "Eggplant Claypot", so you might want to ask your friend (or others on the board) if anyone knows what became of the folks who ran Jasmine Place. The cook might well still be working around here somewhere.

      2. Not exactly what you're describing, but Sunshine Oriental in Concord has a couple of clay pot eggplant dishes.
        It'd be interesting to print out the Chinese name that Qianning provided and ask them if they can make it.. They're pretty accommodating.

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          Number E28 on the Sunshine Oriental menu, Yu Hsiang Eggplant Hotpot (鱼香茄子) might be similar if served in a clay pot. Also, fwiw, there are two commonly used words in Chinese for clay pot, one is 砂锅 (literally a clay pan) and the other is 煲 (literally a pot for boiling).