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Dec 27, 2012 10:12 AM

Starbucks Gift card

I got a starbucks gift card for christmas. I havent been to an sbux in 5 years, I dont recall liking their coffee, I cant imagine going there often, since the line is so long usually. I am thinking of just getting a bunch of stuff for my office one day, coffee and pastries etc. Whats good there? I remember all their breakfast stuff being pretty heavy, but I cant really recall. I assume its a 50USD card, how would you blow it on a dozen people. I dont need to blow it all at once, but that seems easier.

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  1. if you really don't like S'bucks, why not exchange the gift card for cash or another card? There are a number of online gift card exchange services. I haven't used one of these myself... but this link reviews a number of them.


    1. I like their breakfast sandwiches. I usually get the sausage one but Ive heard the others are good too. They're around $4 a piece I think.

      1. I too received a gc, but for $15, luckily. With my dietary restrictions, there really isn't much I can have there. I'll have to look for b-fast sandwiches at the one nearby.

        1. Why not buy some tins of Tazo tea? They come in a variety of types and would be nice to have around at home or in the office?

          1. It's not as though the card will expire any time soon. So... pick up coffee and an assortment of mini-pastries one day after a crazy project. Or after tax-time if you work in finance. Or year end... whatever. 12 people x $3 lattes = $36.
            And, if you actually want 12 lattes... please call ahead :)