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Dec 27, 2012 10:05 AM

Uchi or Uchiko?

I will be in Austin for the first time in January and will be spending 3 night there. I definitely want to try either Uchi or Uchiko but can't decide which. After a quick glance of the menu's I was leaning Uchiko, but after asking someone who lives in Austin they couldnt decide.

Which one would you try if you could only dine at one?

I will also be having Barleyswine, and probably Lenoir on the other night if that helps at all.


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  1. We tend to prefer Uchiko because my wife really likes the Jar Jar Duck. But otherwise, really, you can't lose if you just flip a coin. They are both excellent, similar in style and execution, although the menus are different. You just can't do better than just flipping a coin, in my opinion, or go by geographical proximity.

    1. What an excellent dilemma. My vote is Uchiko.
      Extraordinary food plus an interesting neighborhood.
      Maybe try Fonda San Miguel or Drink Well for a nightcap.